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Jagged Alliance 3 Achievement Guide 100%

Jagged Alliance 3 Achievement Guide.

Jagged Alliance 3 Achievement Guide 100%


New Kid On The Block
Created an I.M.P. merc.

Chose a Psycho dialogue option 5 times.
These are psycho action I found in the game:

  • Bastien I1: Why not just shoot you
  • Herman I3: Get out of here (Legion retreat) (+XP)
  • Hyena C5: You should be afraid of us
  • Flay B4 or C6: Why not hunt the Legion instead?
  • Bastien E9: We’re here to check on you
  • Lalee H9: What is the meaning of life? (+2 tiny diamond)
  • Gran Granny K9: ♥♥♥ you! (+5 loyalty)
  • Bounce B13: The good old “break and enter”
  • Beast: No, we enjoy killing just like you do
  • Tim D8: Open the clinic NOW (Must destroy rebels)
  • King F19: Yes, this is an inspection or Yes. Back to your shack, maggot
  • Colonel K16: ♥♥♥ you!
  • Corazon H4: You are not talking your way out of this

Say My Name
Did three morally bad things.
There are only 4 actions considered as bad things in the game:

  • Hire Graaf as a mine foreman
  • Kill Lurch and take his shotgun (If coffee bean’s members see your actions, they will attack you)
  • Meet Bastien in Refugee Camp and make him give you money
  • Completed Right Hand Mand and side with Boss Blaubert

Ready, Woody!
Hired Gus.
To recruit Gus, you need to recruit one old buddies first as you can see in his contact info. His buddies are:

  • Len
  • Scully

Helped Larry overcome his addiction.
You need to access to hospital in Sanatorium (H12) and use Cure Addiction for Larry.
To have access to hospital you need to

  • Clear all enemies in that sector + underground then move to another sector and move back
  • or Complete The Outbreak quest

Modding Expert
Installed 7 mods on a single weapon.

Defeated all fighters in the Night Club.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner
Chicken murderer. You need to kill a chicken to get this achievement (Lucky’s chicken is not counted)

Hot Diamonds
Ambushed a diamond shipment and got the case. (Auto resolve is not counted)

10 Out Of 10
Have a Level 10 merc.

A Fistful Of Diamonds
Controlled all sectors with mines.

All Your Base Are Belong To Us
Controlled 5 sectors with an Outpost.

Earned at least 75 Loyalty in 5 towns.

Controlled at least 50 sectors.

Field Training
Defended a sector with the help of militia without autoresolve.

Living Legend
Hired a Legendary merc.

Gritty Dozen
Have at least 12 hired mercs.


Different Ways To Die
Killed an enemy with 5 different weapon types.

Killed 25 enemies with a headshot.

Born Killer
Killed 5 enemies in one turn with a single merc.

Breaking The Wall
Killed an enemy with a shot through an obstacle.

Blood Rain
Dealt 1000 damage to enemies in one turn.

Two Birds One Stone
Killed two enemies with a single shot.

Lethal Weapons
Killed 10 enemies in a single turn.

True Crit
Made 10 critical hits in one turn.

Just A Flesh Wound
Taken 300 damage in a single turn without any merc dying or getting downed.

Made 10 overwatch shots in one turn.

Friendly Fire
Hurt your own merc with the bullet that killed an enemy.

Natural Sprinter
Moved a merc 35 tiles away in a single turn.

A Long Shot
Killed an enemy at extreme range.

Two Birds One Stone
Killed two enemies with a single shot.

Flawless Victory
Conquered an Outpost without losing HP.

Martial Artiste
Conquered an Outpost without using firearms.


X Marks the Spot (Treasure Hunting)
Found Lucky Veinard’s secret treasures.
You need to find all treasure. Below are treasure locations

  • H7
  • E14
  • C3
  • J11
  • K18

Saw It Coming… (Corazon’s explanation)
Find all clues in the refugee camp incident.

Twelve Chairs (The Necklake in the chairs)
Found Madam Lecoq’s diamond necklace. the necklace location is random between the chairs.
Chair locations:

  • H9
  • I9
  • A2
  • D7
  • H12
  • I1
  • F7
  • D8
  • C7
  • G10
  • D10
  • B12

Diesel Power (Landsbach)
Solved the Diesel problem.

Truest Detective (Of Murders and Teddy Bears)
Caught the Teddy Bear killer.
Kill the killer in K17, K18 or K19

Apocalypse Later (Taking down the Major)
Hired the Major.
You need high reputation (75) to recruit the Major. Reputation gains:

  • +5 for each taken Outpost (max +35)
  • -5 to -10 time penalty (1 or 2 months)
  • +5 for certain story choices
  • -5 to +15 for conversation choices (normally +5)

Proven Innocent (Conspiracy)
Gathered enough evidence to clear your name.
You need to find more than 3 evidences to get this achievement. There are 6 evidences in the game:

  • The Hermit (Rescue Ghost)
  • Rescue Biff
  • Refugee camp incident
  • Major (You need to have 50 reputation to gain evidence from the Major and select correct conversation with him to get the evidence)
  • The evidence for correspondence between Corazon and Colonel (Fort Brigand)
  • The truth from Corazon (Ernie Fort)

Unlockdown (The Outbreak)
Found a cure for the Red Rabies.
Playbahnosh has written a guide for the quest. You check it here

Love Cats (Pantagruel dramas)
Made Maman and Chimurenga get together.


Finished the campaign without killing any civilian.
Only civilian killed by your team is counted

Lone Wolf
Finished the campaign while having no more than one hired merc at the same time.
This achievement can be achieved with Dynamic Duo and Bullet Proof

Dynamic Duo
Finished the campaign while having no more than two hired mercs at the same time.

Bullet Proof
Finished the campaign without a single merc dying or getting downed.

Time Is Money
Finished the campaign before 1 MAY, 2001.

Finished the game on the highest difficulty settings: “Mission Impossible”, “Dead is Dead”, “To The Bitter End”, “Lethal Weapons” and no “Forgiving Mode”.

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