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Jagged Alliance 3 Quick Tips & Tricks

Jagged Alliance 3 Quick Tips & Tricks.

Jagged Alliance 3 Quick Tips & Tricks

General Tips:

  • Paying some mercenaries for 2 weeks is better – experiment with the time slider. Many mercenaries are much cheaper to hire for a 2-week period.
  • Conquer hostile bases ASAP – they will make your game harder, as they will send soldiers to attack your terrain. Sadly, they are well protected. You can weaken them, though. There are small shields next to them. These represent additional enemies, which can be dealt with even before the attack. If you scout the area, you will be able to know what to do, to get rid of them.
  • Modify weapons – remember that you can upgrade the most useful guns. It is a good idea if you have a favorite weapon. However, it costs Parts (quite a lot of them), so don’t waste them on weapons which you don’t need / replace quickly.
  • Use L.Alt – Allows you to see interactive places, loot and resources.
  • Take cover. It will drastically prolong the lives of your mercenaries.
  • Aim at heads – headshots are powerful and quite easy to use, if you know how. Just remember to zoom your shots and make sure that there are more green pluses than red minuses in the shot view.
  • Use stealth – don’t rush into a fight. Firstly, use stealth and take good positions. It is even possible to eliminate many opponents without starting a proper battle if you have quiet weapons.
  • Train militia – they will allow you to leave towns even when there is a hostile base nearby.
  • Make people loyal to you – do quests and help locals. Their loyalty will allow you to earn more from mines.
  • Don’t rush the game – stop from time to time, let your soldiers rest, heal and repair their gear. If you are not prepared, you will die easily.

Best Mercenaries to Start With:

You should start with at least 3 mercenaries. Among them should be: Medic, Mechanic and Explosive expert.

Medic – Fox (Recruit). Hiring her for 2 weeks costs only $6 320. Her medical skills may be not the best, but she starts with 2 very powerful Perks. Striking Looks allows her to open combat with enemies Surprised rather than Aware. It is quite useful if you want to be sneaky. What is more she has the Teaching ability which allows her to give 10% extra XP to the squad.

Mechanic – pick Kalyna (Recruit). Hiring her for 2 weeks costs only $8 400. As in the case of Fox, she is also not the best Mechanic but she has other useful capabilities. She has very high Leadership stat. It allows her to boost your training operations at the beginning of the game – 2 in 1.

Explosive Expert – you can pick Barry (Recruit). Hiring him for 2 weeks costs only $4 940. He is quite cheap, but is very capable. Barry has also useful perks. Fixit gives him bonuses to Disarm traps, Hack devices, and Pick locks checks. Breach and Clear will reward him with free move after throwing grenades or using shotguns. Thanks to Boutique Explosives he will produce 2 Shaped Charges every 168 hours (not much, but always something).

Additional mercenary – picking above soldiers will allow you to get someone else (you have enough money). You should pick Wolf (Veteran). Hiring him for 2 weeks costs $12 300. He is All-Rounder, so he may help your squad in various ways. Nevertheless, his strongest point is the Jack of All Trades perk. Wolf will allow you to complete Operations 33% faster.

How to heal companions during combat:

It is possible to heal your mercenaries during fights. It is quite simple. You have hire someone with high medical skills. He or she should have First Aid Kit in their personal backpack. Medics start with one. Remember that it will deplete over time, and you have to replenish it using meds.

Using First Aid Kit is quite easy, it is enough to pick a mercenary, select proper ability in their menu and click a target (of course, the effect of your actions is based on personal medical skills). It is connected with some restrictions though. Your medic will not be able to do anything else till the end of the turn. On the other hand, wounded person will be able to shoot and not move.

Sadly, in this way you can only restore your HP, you will not be able to remove wounds (red crosses next to the characters). You can do it, but it is more troublesome.

How to remove wounds:

First of all, you have to finish a fight. After that go to the Sat View (M). In the right bottom corner of the screen there is an “Operations” button. You will probably know what to do from now on. Pick Treat Wounds action and select a doctor and patients. Of course, healing will take some time and resources (Meds). You have to be patient and prepared.

How to Hire Militia:

If there is a hostile base in the vicinity of your settlement, you have to be prepared that it will attack. You can’t stop it unless you defeat the stronghold. However, if you recruit militia in a village, you will be able to use them to protect your terrain. It is a great help. To hire them, you have to:

  • Go to the sector with a settlement.
  • If you are not in a Sat view (world map), enter it.
  • Enter “Operations” (right bottom corner of the screen).
  • Now pick “Militia Training”.
  • Select a mercenary (with high Leadership skill to do it faster).
  • Remember that to complete this task you need some time. It will also cost you money.

How to Repair Weapons and Equipment:

Weapons have durability. You have to take care of them, or they will jam at some point, and you don’t want it to happen during a fight. To keep guns in a good shape, you must repair them. Nevertheless, it is impossible to do it in your inventory, it is trickier. To do that you need to:

  • Enter Sat view (world map).
  • Pick “Operations” in the right bottom corner of the screen.
  • Now select “Repair Items”.
  • Pick a mechanic (or two of them) and gear to repair.
  • Remember that to complete this task you need parts and some time. You can check the cost in the right upper corner of the screen.

How to get parts:

You will find parts during your missions. They will be hidden in various stashes. If you have someone with high mechanical skills in your team, you will be able to salvage them from some various objects, too.

How to Sell and Buy Items:

You can sell some items. There are special valuable objects (mostly diamonds) which you can sell from your inventory. Simply right-click them and you will see an option “cash in”.

Sadly, most equipment in the game cannot be sold, but it can be used. There are no unnecessary objects in Jagged Alliance 3. They all can be used as parts, gear upgrades and so on. Even bags of Chien money have purpose. Don’t destroy them (you may use them as currency). So, without “junk” you do not have a lot of things to sell. Simply turn your old weapons into something useful if you don’t need them.

Are there any shops:

Yes, there are shops. Nevertheless, they are rare. To find them you need to liberate the biggest cities. You will find there some people willing to trade. Their wares will be on the ground, and you can buy useful items interacting with them, like in the case of any other object in the world. The only difference is that you will lose money in exchange.

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