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Jurassic World Evolution – Guide to 5 Star Facility Rating

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Steps to follow to get 5 star facility rating, works on every island.


I suppose a lot of you have figured this out by now, but to get a 5 star island you will need both a high dinosaur rating and a high facility rating.

Dinosaur rating is easy and straightforward enough, but turns out that facility rating has nothing to do with how beautiful a park looks or how evenly spread out your shopping facilities are. Well I suppose you could, but that would severly limit the available space you have on an island.

For me, the 5 islands are just places I need to go through to unlock the dinosaurs and skins to have more variety on my sandbox island. And if you are like me, or just get tired of trying to remain stuck at 4 or 4.5 facility star rating on an island, this is how you guarantee yourself the 5 star rating.

The 5 steps

This is how you get 5 star facility rating.

  • Make a monorail station near the entrance of your park
  • Choose 1 or 2 other locations for a monorail station, build them there and connect the stations
  • At each monorail station, build a straight road and connect a hotel, a restaurant, a clothes shop, an arcade, a shelter and depending on the island also a storm defence station to the road
  • DON’T BUILD ROADS BETWEEN THE MONORAIL STATIONS CONNECTING THEM! Guests hate walking. As soon as you build a road from a monorail station and add any building, it’ll count as a connected road, even when there is no road between the monorail station. Only use the station as main streets / plaza’s where you build hotels and shopping facilities
  • Don’t bother with dinosaur visibility. Just leave it at 0% and you will still get 5 star facility rating (you can literally make an enclose in a corner of your park where guests have no way of getting to, drop dinosaurs in there and your dinosaur rating will still go up even though nobody sees them). If you do really want to use visibility buildings, make sure they are near your plaza or be prepared to waste more space by building shops close to them.


That’s it!

You are now free to use the remaining room of your park for dinosaur enclosures. Generally one or two of your highest carnivores (keep feeding them smaller dinosaurs to boost their ratings aswell) and one or two enclosures with your highest rating herbivores will do the trick to 5 star the dinosaur rating aswell.

Some final tips:

  • As soon as you see your rating drop below the 5 stars, check your guest count. For each hotel you have, you can have 2000 guests without any problems. So with 3 hotels, your facility rating will start to take a hit once you go over 6500ish guests
  • You don’t have to build more monorail stations and plaza’s once your rating starts dropping because of your guests. Simply close the park and guests will start leaving. As soon as your guests drop below 6000, the rating will get back to 5 stars
  • If you want to permanently have the 5 star rating, you will need to close and reopen your park (say at 1000 guests) all the time. You don’t have to though, you can simply start with setting up your facilities and monorails and then keep playing the dinosaur game till you have 5 stars over there. Then once you close your park as soon as you’ll get under the guest limit, it’ll go to 5 star facility and 5 star island rating instantly
  • Closing the park is also a good tip while trying to reach the maximum science/entertainment/security level on each island. This is optional to do, but to get all database entries you can’t avoid them (each max level on each island gives a memo and you need to collect all 15). This helps because a lot of contracts say “get xxx guest count” or “reach xxx profit” etc. These numbers are based on your current guest count or profit, so if you have capacity for 6000 but you have the park closed and you get a contract for “get 900 guests”, you just reopen and reach the contract in under a minute so you can get a new one right away. It’s harder to be at 6000 guests and get a contract for “get 7500 guests”.


I’ve added some screenshots because they just make guides better to understand.

The first screenshot is my Isla Pena. Notoriously small but still very possible to 5-star.
On the left you see the entrance to the park. I only have the fossil center and expedition center there + a monorail.

The monorail goes to the center part of the island (I did use the flattening tool to make all surfaces the same ground level). There I build the second monorail station with a road going down and left, built my hotel and shopping facilities + a ranger center and my research center there.

On the center bottom is a dinosaur enclosure with some random herbivores, not connected by a road or anything else.

On the right is the final monorail station, with a plaza, a hammond creation lab and 2 carnivore enclosures. To reach the 5 star dinosaur rating, I have been feeding those carnivores chasmosauruses everytime I could. It also has another ranger station, an ACU center and two medium power plants (I believe)

These two are my Isla Muerta. It’s less cramped here then the Isla Pena one so I did take the liberty to spread things out slightly more.

On the left there’s a main street with a monorail station and a power plant. The monorail only goes slightly to the right to the second monorail station, with again a main street. Going north there are a ranger station and ACU center. Going right is are two Hammond creation labs (I know, one would have been enough).

Then going right even further is the final monorail station. Again with a main street area and because I had room to spare up there, that’s where I also build my fossil center, expedition center and research center. Which meant I also needed to add one more power plant there.

The space between the two main streets are split in two enclosures, one for a high rating carnivore and one for just a couple of sauropods

As you can see here, the island has 5 stars without using the entire left and right sections of the island. (this was the last island I 5-starred so I didn’t need that many dinosaurs to 5-star this as a 600+ rating spinosaurus and a combination of apatosaurus, brachiosaurus and diplodocus was enough)

That’s it.

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  1. I have tried to complete Jurassic difficulty on Isla Sorna and literally got 5 star dinosaur rating and had a slither left of the facility rating and failed to get it done within 12 hours. I feel like I may have laid it out wrong what would you suggest for a challenge mode facility layout?


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