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Just Cause 4 – All Easter Egg Locations

All the easter eggs in Just Cause 4 in this guide for you, perfect!

Map of Easter Eggs

Map of all known easter-eggs so far, details below about the specific locations.

Easter Egg Locations

1. Bennett Foddy’s Getting Over It

This easter egg is the most popular right now, and is literally just Just Cause’s version of the original game. Location below.

2. The Cow Gun

Become the cow with the next easter egg, transforming you into a cow. Just like Moorio.

3. Toy Offroader

A little car perfect for roaming the streets of the city, legendary.

Behind this building, next to a bin.

4. Dinosaur Enclosure

The game doesn’t have dinosaurs, but it has the next best thing. An escaped dinosaur’s enclosure, maybe next time we’ll get Just Cause: Blood Dragon.

5. Take on Me

The song’s music video can take place in Just Cause 4, just head to the location and enter the white room. You won’t regret it.

6. The Mile High Club

The famous Just Cause 2 scene is back, but now it’s in Just Cause 4, and a mountain. Find the classic Mile High Club at this location.

Written by John Thicc

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