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Just Cause 4 – How to use the grappling hook?

How to use the grappling hook?

The grappling hook is the most basic way of moving around the map.

The grappling hook is the most frequently used gadget in Just Cause 4. You can use it to move around the map, attack enemies or throw objects. The grappling hook is easy to use – you will master this gadget in no time. The rules are simple:

  • To use the grappling hook, aim the crosshair at a target and press the right button to use this gadget – your character will get pulled towards the target.
  • If you want to, i.e. throw a barrel at a target, aim at the barrel, then hold the grappling hook button, and aim at the ground or at a wall near that enemy. Finally, you can release the grappling hook button. The hook will pull the barrel to the spot you chose. This method also allows you to throw enemies up in the air or to attach them to a moving vehicle.

Which modifications are available in the game?

Airlifters allow you to attach balloons with gas to objects.

You can upgrade the grappling hook with these three modifications:

Booster – you attach a small rocket engine to your target. Use it to, i.e. make an enemy fall into an abyss. Attach more rocket engines to destroy a truck or a helicopter.

Airlifters – attach a balloon with gas to a target to make it go upwards. Attach a balloon to an enemy to make them harmless. You can do the same with a vehicle but this will require more balloons. These balloons can also be destroyed – an enemy or a vehicle lifted by them will start falling down.

Retractor – pulls targets closer together. You can, i.e. attach a cable to a helicopter and to a nearby building – this helicopter will hit the wall. This upgrade is also great in eliminating infantry – you can send hostile soldiers towards walls or ceilings.

You can switch between the modifications by using the icons displayed right above your current weapon’s icon. Decide which upgrades you want to have by using the grappling hook menu.

How to unlock new grappling hook modifications?

Booster modification attaches small rocket engines to targets.

Complete certain three missions to unlock all the grappling hook upgrades. Each of the missions is done for Garland, Javi, and Sargento – they are marked with the first letters of their name. Complete the following three missions to unlock a modification for your grappling hook:

  • The Secret History of Solis – complete this mission to unlock Airlifters.
  • Behind the Lines – complete this mission to unlock Retractor.
  • Garland King’s New Star – complete this mission to unlock Booster.

You unlock these missions after you complete the first main mission – our guide contains walkthroughs for all these side missions. Try to complete more missions for these characters – you will unlock minor additions that will upgrade said modifications.

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