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Just Cause 4 – How to Use the Wingsuit

How to Use the Wingsuit

When you’re free falling or using your parachute press Triangle (PS4) or Y (Xbox
One) to open your wingsuit. To maintain speed, you’ll have to keep going at a
downwards angle. The problems start when you try to maintain both speed and altitude.
It is possible to fly indefinitely, but it requires skill and knowing some stuff

* If you don’t like the feel of the wingsuit, try using inverted Y axis – many
people like it better when flying (it can be found in control settings).

* Set your camera so that you have a good view of the ground – you’ll need it to

* Don’t make sharp turns – you can lose control easily. Nudge the stick gently.

* You can go a little higher by pulling back, but if you pull back too much, you’ll
slow yourself down more than you’d like.

* When you pull back all the way for a while, Rico will do a backflip and go into a

* If you want to gain altitude quickly, switch to parachute, go up, then revert to

* Use grappling hooks to boost yourself while using the wingsuit.

* Don’t forget you can use the right stick (or mouse) to aim the grapple while

* While grappling in the wingsuit, pull up (back) all the way, otherwise you’ll run
into the ground.

* Always break tether manually when grappling (the same button you use to grapple)
never let it break off by itself.

* Use Wingsuit Challenges to practice,allow yourself a few bad runs to get a feel
for the track, then try to improve.

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