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Just Ignore Them – Bad Ending Walkthrough

Here’s how i’ve gotten the Bad Ending for the ”Mom” achievement.


The search for a clear answer.

While looking for a clear answer about how to get the ”Bad Ending”, I never really found something solid. All were out of date, or some minor fixes.

The devs did leave a little clue,

“Basically, the more the main character opens up or tells the truth will lead to the bad ending. Think opposites, good=bad and bad=good.”

A little experiment here and there with choices, seems like you only get the bad ending if you really do 1 correct walkthrough, 1 possible misplaced choice and you’ll get the Good Ending.

But we don’t want that one for now.

Now let’s get started!

Mark’s Room

  • Get the robot from Toy’s Box.
  • Sleep.
  • Try to leave the room.
  • Don’t turn off the TV.
  • Interact with the teddybear.
  • Close the closet door.
  • Leave the room.
  • Open the drawer to get the screwdriver.
  • Go to the kitchen.
  • Don’t interact with the window.
  • Take the batteries out of the remote.
  • Combine the batteries with your toy robot.
  • Pick up the lavender from the trashcan.
  • Grab the ladder from under the microwave.
  • Go back to the hallway.
  • Put the robot infront of the linen closet.
  • Grab the Postcard.
  • Inspect Postcard.
  • Apply lavender to mouse hole.
  • Set up ladder on wall.
  • Use screwdriver on vent.
  • Go through the vent towards the bathroom.
  • Take the spare key from cupboard.
  • Don’t pee in the toilet.
  • Back to mark’s room.
  • Open drawer for a piece of picture.
  • Back into the vent.
  • Interact with the slot on the wall.
  • Combine the 2 picture fragments.
  • Go to the hallway.
  • Open the office door. (Right door)
  • Put the full picture in the photo frame.
  • Remember the code: 0419.
  • Go to mom’s room.

Bill’s Motel

  • Don’t tell your story.
  • Go inside the motel.
  • Talk to Bill.
  • Use the key to open your room.
  • Go to bed.
  • Leave room.
  • Go to the reception.
  • Interact with the key rack.
  • Go outside.
  • Walk right outta screen.
  • Open bill’s room with key.
  • Interact with lawn mower to get blade.
  • Interact with the workbench to get oil.
  • Use the blade on trap door.
  • Use oil on the blade.
  • Again use the blade on the trap door.
  • Go down.
  • Interact with the tape recorder.
  • Go back up.
  • Don’t give the tape to Bill.
  • Go outside Bill’s room.
  • Take coal from BBQ.
  • Go to the girl’s room.
  • Go to your room.
  • Talk to the girl.
  • Say NO to loving her.
  • Go to the girl’s room.
  • Put coal in fireplace.
  • Go back to your room.
  • Interact with the girl to get lighter.
  • Use lighter on fireplace.
  • Interact with your toolbox to get screwdriver.
  • Go to Bill’s room.
  • Use screwdriver on the power box.
  • Use screwdriver on the washing machine to get car battery.
  • Use car battery on the power box.
  • Put the battery in the car.
  • Go to your room.


  • Go to the toilet.
  • Cover smoke detector.
  • Smoke.
  • Go back to your seat.
  • Interact with the intercom.
  • Talk to the man with the newspaper.
  • Go back to the intercom.
  • Go down till you see a ladder.
  • Go up and take the camera.
  • Walk back to your seat.
  • Take the camera to the man.
  • Walk up.
  • Attempt to open the door.
  • Go to cockpit.
  • Talk to the man.
  • Go back to that door.
  • Follow blood trail.
  • Go back to the cockpit.
  • Talk.
  • Go back up till toilets.
  • Open supply door to get batteries.
  • Combine batteries with camera.
  • Grab candy bar off the dead body.
  • Go back to the end of the blood trail.
  • Place camera on the box.
  • Place candy bar on the vent.
  • Go back to the cockpit.
  • Pick up the gun.
  • Go into the hatch.
  • Talk to Mark.
  • Interact with door panel to open door.
  • Walk back towards cockpit.
  • When Neason appears, don’t shoot him.
  • Talk to Mark in Cockpit.
  • Get the monster downstairs.
  • Become co-pilot.

Dave’s Place

  • Go into the house.
  • Go up the stairs.
  • Enter the first door.
  • Talk to Dave.
  • Get the girl.
  • Say YES to waste some time.
  • Go to bathroom.
  • Inspect toilet to get keycard.
  • Go to the room where you talked to Dave.
  • Inspect books to get keycard.
  • Inspect the chemicals to get chemical.
  • Go to bottom floor room.
  • Inspect microwave to get jewel.
  • Inspect the board to open up the painting upstairs.
  • Inspect the cabinet with the yellow key above it for keycard.
  • Go back upstairs.
  • Go to painting.
  • Enter the code: 0419.
  • Back to hallway.
  • Use jewel on statue.
  • Go down.
  • Use the keycards correctly.
  • Combine blue + yellow to get the green keycard.
  • After a while of talking you’ll get the last option you need.
  • DO IT!

Mom’s disappointed

You dead.

But enjoy your achievement!

Written by Draxaze

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