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Kabounce Achievement Guide

Getting 100% was never so easy.

Kabounce Achievement Guide


Welcome to this guide, which will teach your the tricks to get 100% achievements in Kabounce. This game has quite some difficult ones, so some of them may take you a lot of tries. Of course I can’t provide a sneaky strategy for every achievement, and some require just plain skill, luck or farming, but in general you should have an easier time with this guide.

Three remarks: a lot of achievements have the additional text that they only unlock in an online match. This is not always true; some also unlock in a bot match. I don’t know for all achievements whether this is the case, but you can always try out.

Secondly, having a friend to help you out will make some achievements much easier.

Lastly, due to the low player count a lot of quick matches get (partially) filled by bots. Abuse this quickly as much as you can!

Let’s get started!

Tutorial Achievements

Complete all basic training challenges

Complete all advanced training challenges

Not playing the tutorial when going for 100% is a bad idea, so you should it have these already unlocked before reading this. Usually takes around 10-15 minutes to complete.

Complete 10 challenges

Done and Dusted
Complete all challenges

Simply complete all challenges, no matter how bad your time is.

Going for Gold
Complete 15 challenges with gold or higher

Gold Rush
Complete all challenges with gold or higher

You will get most of these while going for the dev stars.

Better than a dev
Defeat a Dev Score in challenge mode

Defeat 15 Dev Scores in challenge mode

All challenges have a purple star you can unlock by beating the time of a developer. To complete these challenges so fast you need quite some skill (like for the gold medals). However, for a lot of development times you also need to use sneaky shortcuts to drastically reduce your running times. There’s another guide on this community hub by ozV that shows you how to get dev stars.

Performance Achievements

Level up!
Level up once

Level 25
Reach level 25

Level 50
Reach level 50

Farming achievements. Probably the last few you will unlock. At first you don’t need much experience, but this will rather soon cap at 60k. At that point it requires around 8-10 matches, based on your performance, to level up.

Jack of all trades
Receive a match highlight in every category

At the end of a match, three pinballs will get a highlight and one pinball will be MVP. To get this achievements you need to get all highlights:

  • Score
  • Eliminations
  • Combo
  • Bumpers captured
  • MVP

Most of these you will get randomly by playing. Only the bumper capture highlight tends to be a problem. There’s only three highlight slots beside MVP, but there are four categories. 9 out of 10 times the game will take the first three. Even if you focus on bumpers alone, the game will often simply give the highlights to other players. The easy way: start a bot match with 2v2 players. This will guarantee you a highlight spot, since there are four slots. Just capture bumpers and do nothing else: don’t kill other pinballs and don’t turn in your score. After five minutes you will have your fancy highlight.

On a roll
Receive 5 match highlights

Singled Out
Receive a total of 50 match highlights

In the Spotlight
Receive a total of 150 match highlights

Simply be good at the game and you will slowly gain these. MVP counts towards this as well, so you can go all out!

Most Valuable Pinball
Get the MVP highlight at the end of a quick match

MVP 20
Receive a total of 20 MVP highlights

MVP 50
Receive a total of 50 MVP highlights

Be even better at the game and you will get this as well. Focus on getting high score eliminations and capture as many bumpers as you can.

25 Wins
Win 25 online matches

75 Wins
Win 75 online matches

150 Wins
Win 150 online matches

You will slowly get these while playing for the other achievements. Even if you are not that good at the game you will eventually get these by being carried by your team.

Win 5 online matches without losing

This depends a lot on luck whether you get decent teammates. Though you can push the odds in your favor by playing well yourself. This tends to get screwed over by the matchmaking system putting you in a game with 1 minute left and your team being far behind in score.

In Control
Control at least 75% of all bumpers at the end of an online match

The only real way to get this is by having unbalanced teams with as little bots as possible. Depends a lot on your luck with the matchmaking system. Should come randomly though, while playing for the other achievements.

Buzzer Beater
Score over 5,000 points in the last 2 seconds of an online match

Not that difficult. Just gather a lot of points, you can even decide to skip the first two deposits. When the game is about to end, get near the gate. When there’s about 3-4 seconds left, just slam onto the entrance of the gate and instantly dash in. Just be careful to not get killed while waiting for the game to end.

Without dying surpass a 150 combo, accumulate at least 12.500 points, and score in an online match

On of the harder achievements in the game. Best done early in the morning when there are not a lot of human players, as bots tend to leave you alone. Always focus on getting 150 combo first, as that is the hardest part. Only deposit your score during the last 30 seconds and always have at least two slams charged to get away if needed.

Score at least 20,000 points in a single online match

Unlike the achievement states, you can get this achievement in a bot match! Simply boot up a 1v4 match with easy bots and capture all enemy bumpers you see. If you also manage to slam some bots you should have no problem to rack up the score within the five minute limit.

Bumper hopper
Capture 5 unique bumpers without abilities or touching the floor

Capture 15 unique bumpers without touching the floor

These are both really not as difficult as they sound, you just need to focus on it. This will probably mean you will lose the match, but whatever, worth it I guess.

Dashing Through
Dash through 5 hoops within 4 seconds

Jumping Through Hoops
Capture 15 hoops within 20 seconds

The first achievement is pretty easy and can be done on pretty much any map. The second one however is a bit more tricky. Most maps don’t even have 15 hoops, so you require enemy players to capture your hoops as you are busy with this challenge. I got this achievement when going for the “Jackpot” achievement, so you could use that strategy to get it.

All Mine
Capture 10,000 bumpers

Super Ball
Capture 7,500 bumpers with abilities

Spin to Win
Use the Spin move to rotate your ball 100,000 times

Farming achievements. Will be completed long before you finish the other achievements.

Combat Achievements

Eliminate another player

You should get this in one of the first matches you play without much effort.

Eliminate 10 players in a single online match

This sounds harder than it actually is. Shouldn’t be too difficult when playing against beginners or bots. If you don’t have enough time to get ten kills, just focus on slamming and don’t worry about your score.

From Down Town
Using the Slam, eliminate a player from a long distance in an online match

For this to work you need to cover about half the distance of the arena. However, the standard range of the slam while being on the floor is not sufficient. Move towards the higher bumper platforms and launch from there for more distance. Keep in mind you will have a long flight time, so lead your shots.

Sharp Shot
Destroy a player in the air in an online match

You can’t kill players high in the air due to the slam requiring the floor, but you can still kill them when they are just above the ground (around five pinballs high). You should get this randomly when playing for all the other achievements.

Collecting Interest
Steal back your points before your eliminator can score them in an online match

When you get killed (no matter how little points you had), just target the player who took you out. Gather six slams and just chain them for a kill. Relative easy to get, especially when you died just after the gate closed, giving you like 1.5 minute to get the kill.

Doubling up
Eliminate two opponents in an online match with a single ability use

The Triple
Eliminate three opponents in an online match with a single ability use

These require a huge dose of luck and a good timing. Players tend to stick together more than bots do. Always keep an eye out for the gate and the center bumpers.

Be involved in a complete elimination of the opposing team in an online match

When you or a teammate gets a double/triple kill, quickly hunt the last player(s) alive. You only have a couple of seconds to do this.

Wrecking Ball
Eliminate 300 pinballs in your career

Farming achievement. You will unlock this way before unlocking all other achievements.

Eliminate a player Shocked by a teammate

This one tends to be a bit nasty, as most players and all bots don’t use this ability. It all depends on your teammates. However once someone does run the skill and an enemy gets caught, its relative simple to slam them without resistance.

Eliminate an opposing player just before they score in an online match

Just before the gate opens collect six slams. Then just wait around the area while keeping your slam reticle precisely on the entrance. As soon as you see a player going for a score, slam them to deny them.

Hard to get
Dash to avoid being eliminated

Blink and I’m gone
Dodge 5 eliminations by blinking

The standard secondary ability allows you to quickly dash to five bumpers. During this dash you are invincible. When you get a warning of an incoming slam, quickly dash (this will give the “evaded” notification on your screen). Do this five times to get both achievements.

Steal over 5,000 points in an online match with a single ability use

In my opinion the hardest and most unreasonable achievement in the game. When killing an enemy you will get around 1/3rd of their score. This means that for this achievement the players (one or multiple) underneath your slam need a total of over around 15.000, which like pretty much never happens. This could have worked if the ranked match scene was all alive. Most players only reach 2-3k at most, so even if you would kill the whole enemy team in one slam it wouldn’t be enough. Right now its not really realistic (like 2.000 would have been more reasonable). This is how I did it: I logged onto the game with a friend really early in the morning. At this time nobody was really playing. If we would start the quick match queue (individual, not in group) we would be on the opposing team, rest filled with bots. Then would go to a location in the map with two or more hoops and simply dash through back and forward, stealing the hoops over and over. This will easily give you over 15.000 score within 2 minutes. Then simply smash each other and be done with it. I know it’s really cheaty, but its the only solution I could come up with.

Loot Achievements

Unlock a legendary customisation item

Loot comes in different tiers with different rarity. For this achievement you need to get a gold colored item. This all comes down to luck when opening lootboxes. You can gather more boxes by playing games or collecting them in challenges.

Decked out
Open 25 loot balls

When playing for all other achievements you should get way more than you need. If you want to get this quickly you can also collect plenty in the challenges.

Finish a match with 15 different base pinballs

You can customize your pinball in various categories by items from lootboxes, one of them being the main body. Just occasionally change your look and you should get this eventually.

Written by Taggrin

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