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Katana ZERO Main Boss Guide

We take a look at the main bosses of Katana Zero, what you need to watch out for, and how to defeat them.

Some of them will leave Zero alone while others will openly attack him. With his sword skills and time-añtering drugs, you’ll stand a chance to take down these powerful killers. However, these trained fighters won’t go down easy and may need a few attempts to take down.

How To Defeat V

Main Boss Guide

A recurring character in the game, V is a crime boss with distinct blue hair and gold accessories. He admires Zero for his skills but after he turns down his offer to join forces, V decides to kill him. The first time he’s fought is at the end of Studio 51 in a small, nondescript room.

V will run towards Zero to try and close the distance. He can also roll through Zero to attempt to attack him from behind. Attacking V head-on will just result in you getting knocked back.

If V is far enough away, he’ll charge at Zero which is indicated by a red aura. If he hits, he’ll hit Zero hard knocking him across the room and stunning him for a few seconds. You can avoid this by dodging and making V slam into the wall.

V’s main attack is drawing his gun and firing straight ahead. It’ll kill you instantly so get ready to dodge when V takes aim. This also gives you an opening to strike V by rolling through him when he fires and then slicing his back.

How To Defeat Mr. Kissyface

Main Boss Guide

A tall and intimidating man with a pink face and a white suit. He is fought after V’s failed interrogation of Zero. The room is large to give you more space to maneuver.

The fight begins with Zero strapped to a chair. Wiggle to fall on your side and cause Mr. Kissyface to break the chair with his first attack. Once free, dodge through him and pick up the broken chair leg to throw at the two guards by the door. This will allow you to get your sword back and kill the guards.

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Mr. Kissyface can’t be attacked while armed so you’ll need to wait for him to throw his axe at you. He’s likely to do this if you’re far away so dodge through it once it’s thrown then strike Mr. Kissface. He’ll recall his axe and start a power struggle. Rapidly tap the button to fill up the meter, you’ll need to do this several times to defeat him.

His other attacks include spinning his axe in a large circlearound him which can be avoided as long as you keep your distance. He’ll also occasionally launch a grenade towards you. Once it hits the wall, it’ll drop to the floor and start beeping so just stay away from it.

How To Defeat V Round Two

Main Boss Guide

After defeating Mr. Kissyface, Zero will find V outside of the Mansion and chase after him on a motorcycle. However, this is short-lived as you’ll catch up to him quickly to knock him off his bike and onto a helicopter.

One of the copter’s attacks is a strafing run. It’ll pick one of the lanes and fly along while shooting down. Simply stay out of the selected laneand you’ll be fine.

The more dangerous attack is when the helicopter flies into the background and shoots a barrage of missiles into the air. Their impact will be indicated by crosshairs on the road so stay away from them to avoid being hit.

To take down the copter, you’ll need to wait for V to stick his head out and fire his personal weapon. It shoots single shells towards Zero but they move slow enough to be deflected. Deflect them three times and V will be defeated.

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How To Defeat Leon von Alvensleben

Main Boss Guide

Though a minor character, Leon is the creator of the time-altering drug Chronos and the NULL project of which Zero is a member. He isn’t fought directly since he uses automated systems and goons to create a series of gauntlets for Zero.

The first is a small room with several screens that depict Leon’s face. After a short conversation, a red crosshair will appear as an unseen assailant tries to shoot you. Keep moving and dodge to avoid the shot.

The second room holds the final test which has three phases.

First, a row of crushers will be placed along with the ceiling. Move into the green light to stay safe.

Next, you’ll face several waves of enemies that will come in pairs, one emerging from either side of the room. You’ll have five seconds to defeat each wave, so choose one door to get in a killing strike as one enemy appears then dash to the other side to defeat the other.

Lastly, a group of laser sights will appear on the ceiling and move back and forth. You’ll need to dodge through them to avoid being killed. While that’s happening, the shooter will appear with the red crosshair again and take shots at you. Keep moving and dodge often to avoid both keeping in mind that the lasers will gradually speed up.

After this, you’ll go down a long hallway where Leon will continuously appear on screens and tell you to leave him alone. Head to his chamber and open his cryo pod to end him.

How To Defeat The Headhunter

Main Boss Guide

A mysterious hunter and NULL soldier like Zero, she suffers from Chronos dependency and seeks to obtain more of the drug. This comes to a head in the Bunker when she realizes that Zero is doing the same and that there isn’t enough for both of them.

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You first fight her in a long chamberwith four doors. She’ll attempt to shoot Zero with her laser rifle so just dodge through it and slash her back. She’ll then disappear and four enemies will appear from the doors. Take them out and she’ll try to fire again. Slash her three times to complete this phase.

The next phase takes place in a large vault-like room. This allows the Headhunter to make the most of her mobility by leaping around the room and off the walls. When she jumps to the ceiling, she’ll do a sweeping attack with her laser. Dodge through it to avoid it.

When she jumps towards the ceiling in an arc, she may shoot out a spread of bullets. They move fast so be prepared to dodge when she leaps across the room.

Another attack has herwarp to different positions along the ceiling shooting her laser straight downwards. Watch where she appears and be prepared to dodge if necessary.

She may also summon two turrets that will come out of the wall on the left or right side of the room. Don’t give them the chance to fire and slice through them both as soon as they appear.

Another attack she may use is firing a sticky bomb in an arc from the opposite side of the room. It’s small, red, and will detonate after a few seconds.A thin radial ring will appear around it when it’s about to explode. Stay out of reach and you won’t have to worry.

Like the previous phase, she’ll occasionally try to shoot you with her rifle in a straight line. You can roll behind her to slash her, but she’s also vulnerable while leaping through the air and just after landing. Keep an eye out for the dagger she drops after the third strike so you can throw it at her to deliver the killing blow.

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