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Kathy Rain: Walkthrough and Achievements Guide

Set in the 90’s, Kathy Rain tells the story of a strong-willed journalism major who has to come to terms with her own troubled past as she investigates the mysterious death of her recently deceased grandfather.

Kathy Rain: Walkthrough and Achievements

This is a video guide for Kathy Rain. I know there is walkthrough already but some people needs visuals for better comprehension. This guide relies heavily on the videos so text part is not as descriptive as in normal walkthrough.

Walkthrough #1

Turn the alarm clock off. Combine flip lighter with teddy bear to get Pyromaniac achievement. Look at the objects in the room (At least 10) to get Procrastinator achievement. Leave your dorm room and wait in the travel scene until music starts again to get Enjoying the Scenery achievement. In the cemetery go to the left and talk with grandma Rain. Leave cemetery and go to Rain residence. Enter living room and talk with grandma Rain about everything. Leave living room and try to ride wheelchair to get Hotwheels achievement. Leave the Rain residence and go to sheriff’s station. Talk with young cop.

Achievements in this video:

  • Pyromaniac
  • Procrastinator
  • Enjoying the Scenery
  • Hotwheels

Walkthrough #2

Go to right and talk with sheriff about police report and your grandpa. Talk with Lenny again about police report. Go through double doors and try to talk with bum. Turn off tiny TV, then turn it back again to get achievement Aww!. Turn the TV off once and for all. Talk with Bum and convince him to distract Lenny. Go back to front room and search the files. Go back to cells and use key on the evidence locker. Examine the dictaphone and turn it on. Leave from sheriff’s station and tell Lenny right before leaving that you would rather eat a foot to get achievement Undateable. Go to Rain residence and go to living room. Talk to grandma Rain about attic. Try to turn on the lights and go downstairs. Remove light bulb from the table lamp and go back to attic. Change light bulb with burned one and turn on the lights. Turn lights off and on again to get Nocturnal achievement. Look at the teddy bear on the bookshelf to get Mr Bear, Reporting for Duty! achievement. Examine briefcase and take math book after that. Based on the information from dictaphone and math book you will know that combination to briefcase is 235131. Use the briefcase and enter combination. Take envelope and open it. Examine everything in the envelope and combine micro cassette with dictaphone. Listen that message by examining dictaphone and pushing play button. Go downstairs and to the living room. Talk with grandma Rain about everything after you show her everything that was inside briefcase. Go back to first room and use phone book to search for Charles Wade and McConnell AFB. Use the phone to call McConnell AFB ask about everything from them and lastly ask about Charles Wade. Pretend to be cop.

Achievements in this video:

  • Aww!
  • Undateable
  • Nocturnal
  • Mr Bear, Reporting for Duty!

Walkthrough #3

Go to cemetery. Use zippo lighter 5 times on the pack of cigarettes to get Hooked on Corleys achievement. Examine tombstone right next to mausoleum. Go left and talk with little boy. Leave right and go back to see that boy is gone. Go to sheriffs office and ask bum to help you again. Call to McConnell AFB and ask about Charles Wade. Pretend to be a cop and after that accuse him of being sexist. Call to Wade residence. Go to Rain residence and talk with Grandma Rain about Lily Meyers. Go back to hall and search phone book for Meyers. Go to lakeside cabin and knock on the door twice. Offer Sue some cigarettes and after she let’s you in talk with Nathan on the floor and after that with Sue about everything. Show Sue picture of soldiers. You will leave automatically to your dorm room and get achievement Get on the Katmobile.

Achievements in this video:

  • Hooked on Corleys
  • Get on the Katmobile

Walkthrough #4

Look at the computer and call hacker Dave. Take envelope and open it and check pink suitcase in the room to get Eileens full name. Use floppy disk on the computer and select “corrupt hard drive MBR”. Now call Clyde and try to log in with username: esummers and whatever password as long it is not correct. Use floppy on the computer again and extract admin password. Log in with admin credentials and go to network settings and set dorm b port 8 to on. Call hacker Dave and take new envelope. open new envelope and use the floppy on the computer select tools. Use overexposed picture on scanner and use scanner on the computer. Drag picture to image analyzer and use sliders until picture looks good. Zoom in to lights and analyze it. Zoom in to flower and print it. Take prints and combine it with church brochure. Remove tape from the dictaphone and use micro cassette on scanner. Use computer and scan that. Drag file to voice forge and select HELLO BABY to and export it to tape to get How YOU Doing? achievement. Select “Hello Erica it’s your father call Kathy Rain and export that to tape. Now call to wade residence and use dictaphone after the beeb. Answer the phone and talk with Erica Wade about everything. After finishing this you will get Wow, They’re Hypnotic. achievement.

Achievements in this video:

  • How YOU Doing?
  • Wow, They’re Hypnotic

Walkthrough #5

Look at the mirror in your dorm room to get Resting Scowly Face achievement. Go to clinic and talk with Goober.Start smoking near Goober to get Passive Smoking achievement. Talk with Goober about everything. Go inside the clinic and talk with nurse. Go back to Goober and ask him to perform live he’s film monologues. Ask Goober to perform all of the monologues and go inside to listen them to get Film Buff achievement. Ask Goober to perform one more “The usual surprises” and shock him in the middle of he’s monologue with your stun gun. Use floppy on nurse’s computer and extract password. Now use computer with the passwords and search for “Wade”. Go to stairs to Charles Wades room and talk with him about everything.

Achievements in this video:

  • Resting Scowly Face
  • Passive Smoking
  • Film Buff

Walkthrough #6

Go to Nature reserve twice and check the paper you took from the ground. Go to lakeside cabin and combine paper with drawings. Talk with Sue about everything. Go to sheriffs station and talk with sheriff about Wade residence burglary and check police report on your inventory. Go to Rain residence and talk with grandma Rain about everything you can. Go to clinic and talk with nurse. Go to church and talk with father Isaac about everything. Combine your lighter to bibles to get Heretic achievement. Try using your stun gun to Goober to get Trigger Happy achievement. Talk with Goober about everything and show him your zippo lighter. Go to Rain residence and talk with grandma rain about BH and after that about black hats.

Achievements in this video:

  • Heretic
  • Trigger Happy

Walkthrough #7

Go to sheriff’s station and talk with Lenny about black hats. Go to the black hats HQ and use stun gun on the biker. Show zippo lighter to Beau and talk with him about everything. Go to nature reserve and take red scythe. Go to black hats HQ and give red scythe to bartender. Give drink to Beau after you leave go to living room and talk with Grandma Rain and after that you will receive We’ve Met Before, Haven’t We achievement. Talk with Jimmy in this order Lily Myers,Jimmy Cochran,The Black Hats,The Red Man,Incident in ’81,Church of the Holy Trinity and after that go to church.

Walkthrough #8

Go through door on the left and search desk and you will find a key. Use mop on the bulletin board and search it. Bend paperclips in your inventory and use them on the cell door. Bump up each tumbler until you get the order right. Take evidence bag. Go to cemetery and use old key on the mausoleum. Untie Eileen and tie Isaac. Search Isaac and leave. Leave living room and check out the key you got from Isaac. Check the phone book for “Storage facility”. Go to storage facility and use key with a tag on first storage. Take paint thinner and check out paintings and writing in the walls. Use key on the A7 storage and rummage through boxes. Use tape on your dictaphone and listen to the tape. Go to lakeside cabin and take thermometer. Use lock picks on the door and when inside use paint thinner on the painting. Go to Church and try to take portrait and use safe to learn you need 6 digit code for it. Go to mausoleum in the cemetery and solve puzzle like in the video. Go back to church and use code 611122 on the safe. Read bible pages and listen to tape.

Walkthrough #9

Go to sheriff’s Station. Go to jail and talk with Isaac and make him listen to the dictaphone. Go to cornwell woods and look at the thermometer. Go near every exit until temperature goes down and go to that direction. Repeat that until you are at the large hole. Read the message and smell the flowers and you will receive Down the Rabbit Hole achievement. Search lamp and check the book on the table. Use pen to write your name in the book. Use elevator and push 2. Walk to right and through the door. Use pen on the bloody panel. Use scalpel on your mother and after that again on your mother. Open fridge and leave that room. Take postcard from the floor and let your father chase you across weak spot on the floor. Go to 1st floor and look at the padlock on the door. If you remember earlier numbers on the magnets NEAR is 3215 so insert 3215 in the padlock and take it. Go to 3rd floor and use padlock on broken link of the chain. Use crank and after that place scarab on the indentations. Use crank again and take small key. Use crank and use small key on the coffin. Take another small key from the floor and go to 1st floor. Use small key on the padlock. Use chain on the door and another chain on the elevator. Use padlock on the chains and after that ride with elevator. Go to living room and after conversation leave the living room. Ascend with the elevator and use paint thinner on the flowers and light them on fire with your zippo lighter.

Written by McLean

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