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Kaz’s Adventure 2: Lost Souls The Underworld Guide

Ever wondered how the underworld works or what creatures lie within this strange new realm Kaz finds himself in?

In The Underworld Files we will reveal what creatures you don’t see in the game lie within the the underworld and how the underworld works…

Kaz’s Adventure 2: Lost Souls The Underworld Guide

The Underworld is just the next life after death but it never ends and is made up of 8 7 sections with some merely referenced to within the game!

Kaz's Adventure 2: Lost Souls | The Underworld Files

Section 1 – Cave of lost souls
When souls enter the land of the dead they are either sent to the Underworld Fortress or the Cave of lost souls, due to the death rate increasing the entrance was split into 2 places to prevent crowds from forming or another undead rebellion, after going through the caves most souls find their way to the fortress and can then carry on existing in the underworld.

Section 2 – Underworld Fortress
The Underworld Fortress was the original entrance to the underworld and contains 2 exits that lead to Zoomla City or the Frozen Spire depending on the exit chosen, the fortress also contains 4 rooms with each containing one of the sacred elements {Fire, Water, Nature, Darkness}, Each room used to contain a shard which was infused with an unknown level of the rooms elemental power, its said if the 4 shards are combined it makes the user have unspeakable power.

Section 3 – Undead Forests
These forests are one of the most dangerous places in the underworld due to Zoomla City sending all unwanted and evil souls into the forests, Some creatures that exist in the forests are:

  • Cloaked
  • Flares
  • Gloops
  • Cult Of Nightmare
  • Yozzo
  • Fallen

Its also said that the goddess of war, Spectrum has been seen roaming the forests when shes bored, this would line up with previous reports of Spectrum being able to go between dimensions whenever she wants with her powers of colour and light.

Section 4 – Zoomla City
Zoomla City was founded by the almighty Trefar {the god of time}, Trefar built the foundations of Zoomla City after his son who was not born a god was killed by his daughter, Trefar built this place as a place for him and other souls to thrive, Unfortunately one day Trefar’s son went into the woods and never returned, many speculate he was sent to The Aybss

Section 5 – Frozen Spire
The Frozen Spire is named that after a early soul came across it and thought the substance he saw was ice, in fact the substance that looked like ice was actually a frozen form of liquid soul energy meaning the spire was practically made out of souls that was sent to The Aybss, most souls these days avoid going near the place after a rumour spread that Trefar’s son used the spire as a hideout and stole those who entered soul energy.

Section 6 – Memory Dome
The memory dome is in the heart of the Undead Forests, the dome will transport anyone who enters into a simulation of their memories, many who enter are normally tortured souls who many in the underworld have nicknamed “Lost Souls” and normally go mad within the dome, once they leave they normally do not return to the city or fortress and instead go deeper into the forest and are never seen again.

Section 7 – The Between
The information for this section of the underworld is very limited, not many have entered this place but its said that its a eternal plain that takes the form of your future or past and if you make it to the other end you return to the mortal realm, those who make it through there are also said to never age in the mortal realm and could only die again via intentional means, all the gods have told us is that the Zulu Species or someone with stupid amounts of Soul Energy can enter this place, unfortunately after this was said many creatures who was desperate for their lives back started to steal others soul energy to revive themselves.

Section 8 – The Aybss
The Aybss is the place that souls are sent once they loose all there soul energy, Souls require this energy to not phase out and get removed from existence entirely, to prevent this the underworld is set to detect when a soul is low on energy and traps them within The Aybss where no one is able to think or feel therefore preventing anyone from phasing, sometimes the warden of The Aybss allows members to speak to others in the underworld for a short time out of pity.

Underworld Creatures

Bones are said to be a strange species called Humans who have been dead for millions of years, no one knows quite how long they have been dead but their flesh has rotted off there soul forms which takes a really long time.

Bob The Blob
Bob’s are completely harmless, they are the only creature ever to never even have the capacity to harm others, it is also well documented that for a Bob to move it would be insanely painful although recent discoveries suggest that around a year ago the species evolved and are now able to move without any pain or issues although the species still prefers to remain still to appear the least threatening, unfortunately its considered a sport to hunt Bob in the mortal realm which is why many can be seen in the Underworld.

Although we originally didn’t know fully what Cloaked are exactly we now do, Cloaked are from the City Of Zolta who then moved to the ice regions due to their need for cold weather, We found out that the mask and cloak they wear are actually cooling them so they can leave the ice regions, we was also right about Cloaked not having ears, luckily after Kaz’s murder spree 2 years ago we can now confirm all this by examining over 100 Cloaked bodies left over from that “event”.

These creatures are said to have existed during Human times but not much is known about those times, we do know that after Humans went extinct these creatures evolved and are now able to stand on two legs and speak.

Zulu’s are mostly passive creatures although they are known to have incredible agility and strength, Zulu’s also have the ability to revive themselves only once after death which was given to any member of the species after long ago a unknown Zulu saved the god Trefar and in return he granted the entire race the ability to revive themselves, at this time only 17 Zulus remain after the genocide they suffered long ago.

Rollers are said to be primitive creatures, we do know that they have a very limited vocabulary and understand very little about the world, the species was discovered only 4 months ago and we estimate they only recently evolved into higher consciousness around a year ago maximum.

These creatures seemed to have evolved from bats and have a very limited species count due to them not being able to breed, Linz only appear around once every 6 months and its expected in 4 years there will be none left as the gene that’s creating them is seemingly disappearing.

These species are mutated forms of the Zulu species, during the Zulu genocide Spectrum forced there revive power to activate and effectively dragged them through time and life itself to bring them back to the mortal realm which altered there skin to purple and merged there eyes into one via time warping and there legs was melted and turned into a cursed form of tentacles, these beings was also cursed to never be able to truly die until every member of the four was killed, after Kaz killed every member it seemed all of the Zaz’s was finally allowed to die although some was still angry over there mistreatment and started to steal others soul energy to become a Zulu again.

There are even more creatures within the underworld like Vipers, Flares, Zens, Snuggles, Gouls, Swamp Things and more!

Underworld Fun Facts

Here’s some fun facts about the Underworld!

  • The underworld has 8 7 different sections.
  • Around 2 years ago, a lot of Zulu’s came through the underworld but was ambushed and sent to The Aybss
  • Trefar is mostly responsible for everything in the Underworld.
  • Around 5,000 Bobs get hunted every month for sport.
  • Bones sometimes wear armour to hide their lack of flesh, many think this is due to embarrassment.
  • There are around 20 gods with the most powerful being Trefar who although refers to himself as the god of time many would argue hes also the god of life.
  • Many believe Spectrum will use Zaz’s again and pull them out of the Underworld when she starts her attack.
  • The Aybss has no light.
  • Zoomla City is known as the heart and centre of the underworld although its actual location is more in the bottom left corner.
Written by Harlow

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