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Kenshi: The Sneaky Thief Guide

The Sneaky Thief Guide

This guide is made to help new players who do not mind doing some late night sneaky deeds.

Step 1: Pick Who Will Be Your Sneaky Thief

First you need to decide who will be your thief. It is wise to limit the number of people you choose to become stealth based characters. Unless you have the attack and toughness to back it up, you will need several characters to tank the majority of the damage from a fight, so early on, avoid making everyone a lightweight. Once you have picked your thief, it is on to Step 2.

Step 2: “I wanna be, the very best”

Now you gotta train your thief to steal, and steal good. Start off by finding items that are small and can be stolen from outside of containers. Be sure to stay in stealth, and that your stealth icon is blue/yellow. Red means they can see you. Once you have a good amount of items, go to a place where no one can see you.

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Now drop them all on the ground and pick them up, this will level your stat. Rinse and repeat until you are around level 25. Also, you will need stealth in order to properly get out of their house while you are loaded with goods, there are many ways to level stealth. Many simply set their characters to follow NPCs while in stealth, you can also just put them in stealth and drag them around until you are happy with their stats. I never did this, I found that as I practiced my thievery my stealth usually kept up, but whatever works for you is best.

Step 3: Time To Heckle Those Shekels

Now that your stats are decent, it is time to start stealing! Start your raids at night, right after the shops have closed. Sometimes patrols will camp outside the shop you want in, if this happens, just get someone to distract them so you can pick the door. Once you get inside, go ahead and start nabbing all of their goodies. This will further increase your stats. It should be noted, that if someone is in the room standing guard, the odds of success go down, so if someone is camping inside the shop you can just save and reload. Carrying too much weight will also reduce your stealth effect, so be careful if someone is napping near you.

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Step 4: Enjoy Your New Life As A Master Thief!

Yay! Now you do not have to slave outside on a stupid copper mine with no protection from beta male bandits. Now you can equip your band of misfits with decent gear early game to help level their stats. To celebrate, I gave Kang a full suit of armor, he has enough attack starting out to allow this. Remember to be careful when selling items that you have stolen, never try to sell back to the person you stole them from, and try to pick vendors that do not usually carry those items. Sometimes making a trip to another city is worth it when you want to sell out good. In fact, its almost mandatory that you find another city if your thievery is not high, your ability to fence items is tied to thievery. The Hub is a good place to go, that is where you can find the Shanobi guild, and a good fence. Have fun, feel free to comment or add me as a friend if you have any questions, ideas, or just want to talk about Kenshi. Hope this helps!

Written by ZeroRadium

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