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Keplerth Farming Guide

Guide on farms, what can be farmed and efficient way to farm a lot at once.

Farming Tools

Farming Guide-8

To farm more efficiently you need the right tools.

  • Cultivator (A rake that can be crafted by clicking c by using 10 wood and 2 wool)
  • Sickle (A scythe that can only be crafted on anvils by using metal bars)
  • Axe (An axe that can be crafted by clicking c by using stone)
  • Chainsaw (Dropped from chainsaw bosses found in ancient cities on floor 10-14)
  • Harvestor (Large scale harvester that can be crafted from chemistry labs after defeating mutant parasytor on the surface)
  • Agricultural Manual (Found in chests in goblin villages on floor 1-4)
  • Plated Gloves (Created by using the plating pool after defeating the mutant parasytor on the surface)
  • Meco Laser Weeder (Crafted from the Meco Biotech Foundy after defeating man in black on floor 15-19)

The cultivator is used to transform the ground into soft soil which buffs growth speed for plants.

The sickle is used to harvest grass, mushrooms and other vegetables without destroying the roots, skipping the part of having to replant the seeds.

The axe is used to fell trees or bushes.

The chainsaw can be used to fell rainforest shrubs found on floor 1-4 and is as efficient as using a drill on stone, making rainforest shrubs + chainsaw a faster wood farm.

The harvestor harvests a field around it, reducing the amount of right clicking on each plant individually.

The Agricultural Manual adds harvest speed which can be useful but isn’t necessary for most plants.

The Meco Laser Weeder functions like the sickle but is as fast as the drill. The problem with this is that it can only be crafted after defeating the third last boss making this quite late game.

Harvest Farm

Farming Guide-9

(Left to right: Appletrees, berrybushes, nightmare appletrees, nightmare berrybushes, amber plant)

The first few farms you own would be appletrees and berrybushes. They are found on the surface and by destroying them you get one appletree seed or berrybush seed.

They are harvested by right clicking on them, with the speed being affected by your harvest speed.

  • Humans have a natural +100% harvest speed
  • Plated gloves can add +100% harvest speed (Crafted at the plating pool after defeating Mutant Parasytor boss on the surface)
  • Agricultural Manual add +50% harvest speed each (Found in goblin villages from floor 1-4, quite rare as i looted over 10 goblin villages and only found one)

Other items that can be harvested are the nightmare versions of the appletrees and berrybushes found on floor 10-14. These have harming effects like -10 food and -5 health unlike their normal versions. They can be farmed normally by right clicking on them.

The last item that can be harvested are the amber plants that drop ambers which is the main ingredient for grounder based weapons and armor. They are only found in grounder camps next to the grounder captain bosses on floor 10-14, making it dangerous to acquire.

An easy way to farm them all is to plant these around a harvestor so you only need to click on the harvestor once instead of farming all apples individually.

Farming Guide-10

The harvestor can be crafted from the chemistry lab after defeating the mutant parasytor on the surface. This one uses up metal bars from copper to gold and each stage adds +1 reach on how large a field they can harvest at once.

Farming Guide-11

Wood Farm

Farming Guide-12
(Left to right: Oak, pine, fir, large fir, nightmare mangrove, dryland coral, green cell and giant dictyrophora)

Felled trees drop wood and one seed which can be used to replant them. It is more efficient to plant a lot of trees right next to each other because this means one axe swing hits a lot of trees at once.

  • Oaks are found on the surface in green biomes
  • Fir trees, pine trees and large pine trees are found on the surface in snow biomes
  • Rainforest trees are found from floor 1-4
  • Dry coral trees and nightmare mangrove trees can be found from floor 10-14

Tree-like objects like green cells found from floor 5-9 drops only mucus and giant dictyrophora found from floor 1-4 only drops light spores.

Besides using them for their resources, trees act really nice as decoration like pine trees to decorate pathways and oaks to decorate indoor yards.

What i do is farm rainforest bushes found from floor 1-4 instead of the trees and use the chainsaw found from floor 10-14 to farm them at once. I believe it’s faster then using axes on normal trees.

Farming Guide-13

Grass Farm

Farming Guide-14
(Left to right: Grass, nightmare grass, parasytor primodium)

This one is quite easy to setup. There is a random chance that grass will drop a seed, using those you can plant them on cultivated land to have them grow faster.

Lastly you can use a scythe to harvest a lot of grass at once without destroying the roots, this way you don’t have to replant more grass seeds and instead only have to wait until it regrows.

Farming Guide-15

You can also plant grass seeds where you keep your farm animals to have them feed on it but i don’t do that.

Grass seeds can be found on the surface, nightmare grass seeds can be found from floor 10-14.

Parasytor plants found on the surface around parasytor villages don’t drop grass but instead drop Parasytor Primodium. I have them next to the grass because visually it looks like grass once fully grown and can be harvested using a scythe like grass.

Mushroom Farm

Farming Guide-16
(Left to right: Haworth mushroom, nightmare mushroom, red mushroom, blood mushroom)

Mushrooms are found on various floors and like grass can be harvested by using a scythe which allows it to regrow without having to replant the seeds.

  1. Red mushrooms are found from the surface and floor 1-4
  2. Haworth mushrooms are found from floor 5-9
  3. Nightmare mushrooms are found from floor 10-14
  4. Blood mushrooms are found from floor 1-19

Iceberg Lettuce / Giant Wheat

Farming Guide-17

Both of these vegetables can be bought from farm shops found from the surface and human villages.

Like grass they can be harvested by a scythe without destroying the roots, allowing them to regrow on their own.

They’re best planted in bigger farms as the lettuce can be used in various benefitial meals on the stove and the giant wheat itself functions as a seed, meaning each giant wheat harvest can be replanted allowing you to quickly create a massive giant wheat farm out of one seed which is a good way to make money in the early stages.


Farming Guide-18
(Left to right: Exoskeleton bursa, thorns, purple utricularia, fluorescent fern, cactus, sunlight fungi, insector eye)

The others are plants i rarely farm or can’t be farmed.

  • The exoskeleton bursa is a plant that is used in the fusion pool, a crafting table after defeating the insector queen from floor 5-9, one of the plants that still has its uses to craft insector weapons and armor.
  • Thorns are found from floor floor 1-19 and only drops 1 wood.
  • Purple utricularia and fluorescent fern can be found from floor 1-4 and are used in the chemistry lab which is made after defeating the goblin king from floor 1-4. They’re used as ingredients for potions that add various buffs which help greatly against bosses but get replaced by drugs later on.
  • Cactus are bought from farm shops found from the surface. Large cacti are used in lesser speed potions crafted in the chemistry lab, other then that i can’t remember any other uses.
  • Sunlight fungi are found from floor 1-4 in jungles, they can be planted but only one sunlight fungi drops from each plant so they function more like a torch then a plant as you can’t farm them.
  • Insector eye can be found from floor 5-9 and can be crafted in the fusion pool, they function like the sunlight fungi because you can’t farm them and provide light.

Author Notes

Wiki for Keplerth is still lacking so i’ll just post images from my farm, where to get the seeds and how to efficiently farm it all.

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