Killing Floor 2 – Demolitionist Destroyer Class Perk Build

Demolitionist Destroyer of Worlds Perk Skill Team Build Guide

The Demolitionist Perk -Destroyer- Build Is my favorite build for a team and solo. One needs to remain mobile when utilizing this build.

To start, I use the Bombardier skill. This allows me to do 25% more massive damage. With the HX25 Grenade Pistol, crowd control is not a problem. I use this pistol until the end of the game. By focusing on damage, the pistol becomes powerful against mid-range Zeds. The damage as opposed to reload speed does impact the reload speed of the Seeker Six. The M79 grenade launcher gets a significant buff from this, although you won’t be a grenade launching machine with this weapon.

High Impact Rounds gel well with hard-hitting weapons. The splash damage from hitting a bloat or a gorefaster can decimate a grouping of trash Zeds, destroying most of them due to the high damage potential.

Sonic Resistant Rounds makes the most sense as a perk. This allows the Demolitionist to be the only one on the team who can clear a large group of Zeds when a siren is present with grenades. Fragmentation rounds decreasing the damage 30% does not fit into the build.

Armor Piercing Rounds skill takes a little bit of getting used to. With 50% damage increase to critical zones you can easily decapitate bloats with a Seeker Six. The RPG-7 with the Critical Hit bonus can kill a fleshpound in 1-2 hits. The skill is also very useful for the Skrake, as it adds onto the damage. This is a boss-killing skill for those who are good at getting critical hits. It does take soem practice.

Lastly Destroyer of Worlds is the extremely useful for this destroyer build. For me, this is a melee weapon. Being able to dish out massive amounts of radiation damage is crushing to the hordes of Zed around you. During Zed Time if i have a Seeker Six, I’ve gotten as many as six explosions on Hell on Earth, decimating the incoming horde. Also shooting off different explosive weapons, it may be possible to chain several explosions.

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