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Killing Floor Basic Hell on Earth Guide

Only the basic of playing Hell on Earth mode on Killing Floor (how to).

Basic Hell on Earth Gameplay

The basic of playing Hell on Earth on killing floor:

– Make sure all the players are all level 6 perks.
– Some maps doesnt acquire you to run around all the way or kite. Example like biotics lab, fright yard, hospital horrors, hellride, ice cave, etc.
– When playing in such camping maps as mention above make sure to have at least 2 meds in the late game situation because late game (8-11th wave) they can tank dem’ fp’s.
– Find a good camping spots, its important to consider only 1 or 2 entrance for the zeds other than that find other camping spots.
– Players must realized in the late wave, they cannot just randomly shoots zed esp. the big ones like sc and fp. Combo like when playin support specialist is important for fp (Nade + Double Barrel + Nade 3x/4x).
– Having sharpshooter is also important to take down sc’s like at least have 2 sharpshooter on the team.
– Kiting maps such as westlondon, farm, hillbilly, steamland, abusement park, etc needed at least 1 medic and 1 sharp (from my experience) others can just go zerking.
– When kiting make sure to prioritized killing all the zeds that are infront of you, like you cant just go running around avoiding zeds otherwise they’ll surround you from the other direction.
– Medic must realized that they’re job is to HEAL and tank fp’s in the late wave not to kill a lotta zeds.
– Don’t rage sc and fp randomly, each players can be assigned on taking certain zeds so be active communicating. e.g. sharps can take down sc’s while the zerk can kite the fp, etc.
– Stick on each other’s ♥♥♥ don’t split up, when kiting make sure you know the map first so you know the directions to kite.

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