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Kindergarten 2: Breaking Sad Walkthrough

Welcome to Kindergarten 2, which takes place on Tuesday! After the events of Monday, you’ll find yourself in a new school with new friends… and new ways to get ruthlessly murdered.

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Breaking Sad Walkthrough

Kindergarten 2 Breaking Sad Walkthrough

Make sure to bring the Monstermon Toy and Semi-Legal chemical for this mission. 

Before School

  • Start the day by talking to Ms. Jiggletits to annoy her.
  • Head over to Cindy and get her to cry wolf. (Responses: “I thought we were together” > “I disagree, you’re pretty awful” > “I’m always ready for a domestic dispute.”)
  • Ms. Applegate will snap and start to beat her, but will be stopped and storm into the school.
  • Buggs will come talk to you about her almost being ready to snap.
  • Go talk to Carla to bet that you can’t sneak in the firecracker. Get the firecracker.
  • Talk to Monty to get up the handicap ramp.
  • Head into the school and into your classroom.
  • Place the firecracker into your cubby (Far left) and the bell will ring.

Morning Time

  • Head over to your cubby and pop the firecracker.
  • Witness the funniest cutscene in this game.
  • Tell Nugget what happened as he runs in.
  • Leave the classroom and go talk to your teacher who’s crying near the mess hall.
  • Talk to her about how she can’t get pills anymore; but you can make them.
  • Head upstairs into the Science class to talk to Monty.
  • Tell him what’s going on and that you have the chemical to make them.
  • He needs a Chemistry set and a few hair samples. This includes Nugget, Ms. ♥♥♥♥ and Billy.
  • Head over to the vending machine after Dr. Forehead kicks you out. Go buy the scissors. You’re gonna need them.
  • Head back down into your classroom to tell Ms. Applegate what’s needed.
  • She will proceed to chase Nugget out of the classroom. Good ol’ kindergarten.
  • Bell rings.
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Lunch Time

  • Go talk to Monty who’s telling you to talk to Carla. Monty will give you his elevator Key.
  • Tell Carla you snuck the firecracker into the school. She’ll hook you up with the chem set.
  • Go buy a burger and leave.
  • Use the elevator key to head down into the crawl space.
  • Use the Toy near the furthest right box to bring out Billy and Lily.
  • Tell them what’s going on.
  • Bell will ring.


  • Walk over to Ms. ♥♥♥♥ to give her the scissors to cut Nugget’s hair.
  • Get the scissors back from her and make your way into your classroom.
  • Go take the money from Ted’s cubby before using the elevator pass to head back downstairs.
  • While the monster is distracted with Lily, Cut the hair from Billy’s head and head back upstairs.
  • Return to the playground to give Monty back his elevator card.
  • Bell will ring, Pay to go to Science class.

Science Class

  • Talk to Monty, he’s going to give you a few items to use in order to distract the rest of the kids in order to give up their turn on the chemistry set.
  • Talk to Ozzy first, show him the green flower. He’ll bugger off.
  • Next, talk to Cindy and give her the gem. She’ll fully leave the classroom.
  • Last of all, Talk to Penny and give her the doll.
  • Monty doesn’t know what to mix the chemical with. Mix it with the red. Otherwise, explosion.
  • Ta daa, he’ll give you a pill and the bell will ring.
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Ms. Applegate will stop you before you leave and you give her the pill. In reward, she’ll give you a Remote Control which is used for Penny.

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