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Kindergarten 2: If you can dodge a Nugget Walkthrough

Welcome to Kindergarten 2, which takes place on Tuesday! After the events of Monday, you’ll find yourself in a new school with new friends… and new ways to get ruthlessly murdered.

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Kindergarten 2: If you can dodge a Nugget Walkthrough

Kindergarten 2 If you can dodge a Nugget Walkthrough

Make sure to bring Bob’s Toolbelt and the Company pin for this mission.

Before School

  • Talk to Nugget.
  • Go talk to Bob to give him his toolbelt to get him out of the crawlspace.
  • Talk to Monty to buy the lighter.
  • Talk to Nugget once again to offer friendship. He’ll wish to see a flower.
  • Talk to Bob in order to get past Bob to the wheelchair ramp.
  • Talk to Carla to sneak the lighter into the school.

Morning Time

  • Go talk to Nugget.
  • Nugget will distract Ms. Appletits for the both of you to leave for the boys bathroom.
  • Ms. ♥♥♥♥ will bring the hall monitor with her. Thank god.
  • Talk to the Janitor in the Men’s bathroom.
  • Head upstairs to talk to OG hall monitor, Show him the lighter in the blue locker.
  • Talk to Bob, and get the key from him.
  • Return downstairs to the Janitor to give him the key and get the shovel.
  • The bell will ring.
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Lunch Time

  • Nugget wants the nuggets. Shocking.
  • Go buy a burger.
  • Talk to Felix, show him the pin and encourage him to buy the other burger.
  • He’ll give you the other burger. The Lunch lady will proceed to go make more food.
  • Walk into the back to get the crate of nuggets. Give them to Nugget.
  • He’ll go slam his head on a wall. Take the nuggets into the teachers lounge after calming Nugget down and use the microwave to warm up the nuggets.
  • Bring them back to him as he’s still banging his head.
  • Bell will ring.


  • Head back into the school and into the teacher’s lounge.
  • Go go the vending machine to buy a soda. Any will do.
  • Return to Ms. Angrytits to give her the Soda.
  • She’ll back off and Nugget will dig. Nugget loves to dig.
  • Talk to Nugget to toss in all his new nuggets and jump right on in there.
  • He’ll complain about the leg in his new hole. Go take that leg.
  • Use up your last apple.


  • Ya’ll gonna be playing dodgeball. Use that trusty leg to dodge oncoming balls.
  • Your first move will be to go up.
  • On your next turn, You will go back in order to get the ball and hit another kid with it. Good ol’ dodgeball.
  • Next, you’ll move down to catch the ball after Nugget gets hit.
  • Team Nugget is victorious.
  • Bell rings.
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Nugget will talk to you after leaving the gym, he’ll give you Monstermon Doll.

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  1. In Chapter “If you can dodge a nugget” I go talk to Nugget in the Morning time but he just say “Nugget like this fidgety spinny”
    What should I do?

  2. EnderGaming_VN make sure that when you go back to the front of the school you check in with nugget that you have the lighter, then go to Carla


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