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Kindergarten 2: Opposites Attract Walkthrough

Welcome to Kindergarten 2, which takes place on Tuesday! After the events of Monday, you’ll find yourself in a new school with new friends… and new ways to get ruthlessly murdered.

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Opposites Attract Walkthrough

Kindergarten 2 Opposites Attract Walkthrough

Make sure to bring Bob’s Toolbelt and the A+ Card for this mission.

Before School

  • Start the day by talking to Carla, Bet you can sneak in that nice firecracker.
  • Talk to Penny, who will take it from you.
  • Talk to Buggs, who will team up with you.
  • Talk to Penny again, and make friends with her.
  • Return back to Buggs, and show him the friendship bracelet she gave you.
  • Run up to the principal to get her Lunch pass.
  • Bell will Ring.

Morning Time

  • Head over to talk to Penny.
  • Ask her where she keeps her stuff.
  • Head over to the computer to complete your assessment.
  • Make sure you chose the spray bottle as your reward for completing the assessment.
  • Make you way out of the classroom.
  • Go downstairs into the other classroom, and ask Cindy for the doll she’s playing with.
  • You can either A) play house with her fully, or B) squirt her in the face with the spray bottle for the doll.
  • Ms. Appletits will throw you out, go back upstairs into the science classroom to give Cindy the doll.
  • Penny will give you a floppy disk.
  • Use up your last apple.

Lunch Time

  • Buggs will go talk to you, show him your floppy. Disk.
  • Leave the mess hall, show the lunch lady the pass.
  • Buggs will start a food fight downstairs, take the time to use her computer to print off the contents of the floppy disk.
  • Get the paper, and unlock the back door before she returns.
  • Head back to the mess hall and talk to Buggs.
  • Buggs will give you a walky talky.
  • The bell will ring.


  • Go talk to Monty, Fully finish his dialog.
  • Head through the back and use the back door to get into the principals office.
  • Head into the Woman’s bathroom to use Bob’s toolbelt on the air vent near the door.
  • Crawl inside to get into the science room.
  • Go to the other side of the room and change the class’ plans to Magnets.
  • Head back through the vent, back through the principals office to get back to the playground.
  • Use up your extra apple and head over to science class.

Science Class 

  • Leave the classroom, telling the teacher you’re going to find the gear. Meet up with Buggs and Carla in the hallway.
  • They’re telling you to keep Penny busy. Go back into the classroom and grab the doll from under the desk and give it to Penny.
  • Return back outside the classroom to get the gear.
  • Get back into class and show the teacher you obtained the gear.
  • He’ll start up the magnet, ripping off Penny’s head. Teacher will go bye bye.
  • Bell will ring.

Buggs will talk to you outside and give you the Laser Pointer.

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