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Kindergarten 2: The Hitman’s Potty Guard Walkthrough

Welcome to Kindergarten 2, which takes place on Tuesday! After the events of Monday, you’ll find yourself in a new school with new friends… and new ways to get ruthlessly murdered.

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The Hitman’s Potty Guard Walkthrough

Kindergarten 2 The Hitman's Potty Guard Walkthrough

Before School

  • Start the day off by talking to Felix (Blue shirt). Continue through dialog then talk to Ted.
  • Go buy a battery from Monty.
  • Talk to Cindy. Tell her Ted needs her help.
  • Go back to Ted, and give him the gum to stick in a girls hair. He’ll stick it in Carla’s hair.
  • The bell will ring.

Morning Time

  • Head over to talk to Ted.
  • Go talk to Ozzy, and give him the battery for his favourite toy. He’ll bugger off to the corner of the room.
  • Talk to Cindy to start the distraction. They’ll start a “fight’ in the corner of the room, grabbing Ms. Jigglegate’s attention.
  • Grab the inhaler, and grab the weed as well.
  • Ted will run over to see if you got it, be proud cause you did.
  • Hall Monitor will give you a pass before the bell rings.

Lunch time

  • Ted will come talk to you, yada yada ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t.
  • Go buy a burger from the lunch lady, proceed to leave. She’ll fill out your pass and you can leave.
  • Talk to the hall monitor, give him the weed.
  • Head into the boy’s bathroom and get into the stall on the left.
  • Ozzy will rush in and cause a scene. After, you can leave.
  • Head upstairs to the vending machine to your left, buy the scissors from it.
  • The bell will ring.


  • Go talk to Ted.
  • Open the gate above him to go grab the green flower.
  • Both of you will go talk to Carla. Tell her you got her the scissors.
  • She’ll ask you to destroy his wheelchair.
  • Go sell Ozzy’s inhaler to Monty before you destroy his chair.
  • Return to Ted to proceed with the plan
  • Destroy his wheelchair >:)
  • Make sure you go to science class.

Science Class

  • Talk to Cindy about needing a distraction.
  • Head next to the computers to inspect the electrical socket.
  • Return to Cindy and give her the fork and flower.
  • Return to her body to grab the green flower.
  • Leave while you have the chance to, and grab Ozzy’s inhaler from his locker.
  • The power will go back on, and show Ozzy the green flower.
  • Bye bye Ozzy.

After School, Felix will hook you up with his Company Pin.

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