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Kingdom Come Deliverance: A Tight Spot Quest Walkthrough

A Tight Spot Quest Walkthrough

Achievements: none

  • 1. Ride out on the third mission
  • 2. Fight your way out of there with Kuno and the others!
  • 3. Talk to Kuno

When you’re back at the camp approach Sir Kuno. He’ll tell you Jakey heard some news in the Ledetchko tavern about a band of unfamiliar horsemen skulking through the Sasau area—could be Hagen Zoul’s or just the guard train of a wealthy merchant—anyway it’s off thataway for your third mission.

(The band rides out towards Sasau)

Seems like quite the uneventful patrol though. Because it’s Jakey’s mission he’s sent out to scout ahead and look for a suitable site to make camp. Meanwhile the company is enjoying the countryside, singing carols, and generally having a good time. What could possibly go wrong on a day like this, right?

(The company is enjoying the sun on a lush hillside sward)

Well, turns out quite a lot. Because when crossing a river ford you get ambushed. Arrows are flying everywhere—good thing those bandit archers are having the aim of an Imperial Stormtrooper—and the horses bolt away. You’re definitely in a tight spot now, so get ready to defend yourself! The battle plan is pretty simple for this one: kill everything that stands in your way. Time to get that war hammer swinging!

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(I would call this a tight spot indeed)

Remember that second mission in Skalitz (Run!), this one is kinda like that only now you get to actually kill some raider scum. There is about a score of enemies to take care of so get some buffs up and help your companions out as much as you can. Press onto the ledge and go left following the path deeper into the woods. Take care of any resistance and meet up in a clearing in the woods. Seems Jakey is missing, curious. Anyhow, it’s time for a tactical retreat. That means back to camp.

(Battle plan for the ambush in A Tight Spot)
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