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Kingdom Come Deliverance: Bad Blood Quest Walkthrough

Bad Blood Quest Walkthrough

Achievement: Tracker (missable)

  • 1. Follow Kuno and his band
  • 2. Search the burnt-out farm
  • 3. (Optional) Try and find traces of the attackers
  • 3a. (Optional) Track the raiders
  • 3b. (Optional) Deal with the raiders
  • 4. Tell Kuno what you’ve found
  • 5. Report to Sir Radzig

Once you’re done cavorting around camp, go and talk with Sir Kuno again and tell him you’re ready to go on patrol and the quest Bad Blood should start. You’ll automatically ride out with the band and’ll find yourself in the countryside between Samopesh and Merhojed.

(On the move with the Band of Bastards)

There’s not a whole lot you can do here except roam the countryside with the horse train and listen to the banter of your mercenary friends while enjoying the countryside. Eventually, the band will come across a burned down farm between Merhojed and the Inn in the Glade. The train stops, and you’re prompted to search for clues and traces of the attackers.

You can search around for clues by examining different places, objects and people but not much will come from it. Also watch how some mercenaries seem more interested in the loot people carry than in investigating who’s behind the attack. Once you’ve had enough head into the hovel that’s located towards the forest-side of the farm. Go inside and open the first door to your right. In the pantry you’ll see blood-besmirched oil lamp shining it’s light on a blue shield with a note attached to it.

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(The hovel with the note)

Grab the shield and note, read them, and report to Sir Kuno. He’ll want to send you off to Sir Radzig immediately, but hold on for now—especially if you want the Tracker achievement. Tell him you still want to investigate who’s done this. Head into the meadow towards the east (heading towards the Inn in the Glade) and you should see Stephan Fletching skulking through the wheats. Approach him and ask if he’s found anything.

(Heinrich asks Stephan if he’s seen anything)

Turns out he has. He sees tracks of two riders, a dozen or so foot-folk with heavy burdens, and someone who’s losing a lot of blood. They went towards the sun at dawn (east). Investigate the little bothy at the eastern forest edge, there should be a dead horse right next to it. Go inside the forest there and you should see a faint pathway leading you through the forest. Along it’s course you’ll find various goods the raiders dropped: apples, bloodies clothing, barrels, more blood and offal.

Eventually you’ll end up at a clearing with seven or eight raiders. Approach a little and the Tracker achievement should unlock. Deal with them as you wish and afterwards go and report to Sir Radzig to finish the quest. He doesn’t seem to surprised, and tells you the story of him and House of Zoan. After giving you the order to return to Sir Kuno and take care of Hagen of Zoan for him the quest concludes.

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(Position of the dead horse and the raider camp)
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