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Kingdom Come Deliverance: Lost Trinket Achievement Guide

Lost Trinket Achievement Guide

Getting the Lost Trinket achievement is quite easy, however, it’s also very easy to miss. Once you got the Ring of Bacchus in your possession make sure to keep it. Don’t return it to whoever asked you to get it. Wait till it’s evening and go to sleep in the camp (all beds are owned so make sure the rest is already sleeping or they’ll kick you out). Sleep till 6 or 7 am and once you wake up you’ll notice the ring is gone and the achievement is yours.

Don’t reload, because there is a small quest associated with the missing ring, which will get the ring back in your possession. After doing so you can still complete the Game Over achievement. The would-be thief did not only take the ring, but he also slipped a note containing a Mysterious poem in your inventory. Go on and read the note, and the hideous poem in it:

Truly no one is outstanding without me, nor fortunate; I embrace all those whose hearts ask for me. He who goes without me goes about in the company of death; and he who bears me will remain lucky for ever. But I stand lower than earth and higher than heaven.

Obviously, our culprit is a man of letters. If only Sir Kuno had such a man in his outfit. Go and ask the others and they’ll either tell you they all run away from a monastery or that the culprit must be you. Now go ask the strong silent type. If you’ve completed the first mission, you probably noticed The Stone standing over the victims in prayer.

Turns out he is our runaway missionary. He won’t give you the ring unless you solve the riddle though, and failing to do so means no ring.

The answer to the riddle is Humility.

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