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Kingdom Come Deliverance – Scavenger Walkthrough

Scavenger Walkthrough

How to unlock: Talk with Kunesh in Rattay.

You have already met Kunesh in the prologue of the game. Now he is one of the beggars in Rattay – he is usually found begging in the main square of the city (near the church). Ask him for the overdue payment. You can beat Kunesh or use one of the unique dialogue options (preferably impression – Kunesh has only 3 points).

You will learn about a buried treasure. Go to Skalitz and enter the ruined center of the village. You must reach the dovecote in the eastern part of Skalitz as shown in the screenshots above. Use a shovel to dig the treasure. You’ll find a valuable Beran’s cup and 50 groschen in the chest.

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