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Kingdom Come Deliverance – The Kings Silver Walkthrough

The Kings Silver Walkthrough

How to unlock: Talk with Sir Radzig.

An opportunity to start a quest appears only when you are making serious progress in the main story. Meet Sir Radzig in Rattay, who is usually found in the upper castle. He may have a task to check the situation of the Skalitz mines. Talk to the Chief Engineer Feyfar about this and go to Skalitz. There are a few steps to be done:

Check the ore storage site – it is worth to save game beforehand, as there are several bandits on the site. Attack them if you are strong enough (pay attention to the archer!) or sneak into the landfill at night. Reach the marked location and press the interaction key (Henry will briefly comment on the finding).

Checking the condition of the water supply – There should be no enemies in the area. Reach the marked location and press the interaction key (Henry will briefly comment on the finding).

Mine Foreman Nemoy – Get to the camp on the hill. Mine Foreman Nemoy is one of the miners and is shown in the attached screenshot. You may want to arrest Nemoy (prepare to fight) or bargain with him by collecting a cargo of gold worth 450 groschen.

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Finding a mine shaft – Leave this goal at the end (if you haven’t met Nemoy yet – know that he’ll die soon!). It is described below.

The entrance to the mine is guarded by one of the miners. You can choose a standard dialogue option (expect aggressive reactions) or use intimidation (the miner has 9 points). Start exploring the mine. You must reach the place where the body of Nemoy’s will be thrown into the mine shaft.

Once you have regained control, quickly move back to the nearest corridor, as you will find yourself as archer’s target. You must head east. Along the way, use long ladder. If you come across a dead end, examine the opposite corridor. Despite the darkness, it is difficult to get lost in the mine. Exit from the mine is shown in the screenshot (you will start to meet miners after you are close to the exit).

Return to Feyfar and give him the report. The amount of the payment will depend mainly on whether you met with Nemoy and whether you led to capturing him alive.

Note – After receiving the payment from Feyfar, you may bargain with him (persuasion) to get more gold.

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