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Kingdom Come Deliverance: Thirty Pieces Quest Walkthrough

Thirty Pieces Quest Walkthrough

Achievements: Pinky Promise, Torturer (missable)

  • 1. Ask about Jakey at the Inn in the Glade
  • 2. Track down Jakey, beginning at the northern edge of the woods
  • 3. Find out what happened to Maria, the merchant Ernest’s daughter
  • 4. Question Jakey
  • 5. Tell Ernest what happened to Maria

When you return to the camp from the ambush, everybody seems to have made it back in one piece. Everbody, except Jakey of course. He’s still in hiding—curiously Jakey’s horse Lucifer is still seen around camp, even though he rode off on her—but Sir Kuno happens to know exactly where he is hiding. Jakey is drinking away his thirty pieces of silver at the Inn on the Meadow or something like that. Sir Kuno asks you to find Jakey and press him for information, while the company goes on patrol, without you (they sure know how to make you feel unwanted).

So of with you to the Inn in the Glade! Seems like Jakey isn’t on the premise anymore, so approach the maid (Andrew, the proprietor, had met an untimely death in my playthrough) and ask her if she’s seen Jakey. Short answer? Yes. Long answer? 150 Groschen or a speech check level 1. Turns out he met quite a lovely lass named Maria—daughter of a travelling merchant—and was last seen going towards the southern forest with her.

Turn south from the Inn and at the forest’s edge you should see the hapless merchant, loaded wagon ready to go, calling for his daughter. Speak to him and he’ll tell you he found her scarf hanging just inside the forest. When you press him on why he’s not off searching for his daughter in the forest, he’ll tell you this is not the first time she wanders of with a stranger and she always came back! Oh, and he’s really in a hurry to go on to Sternberg and afraid he’ll gets robbed if he leaves his carriage (I suppose that explains why he didn’t leave his wain at the Inn).

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(Heinrich’s path from merchant and wain towards to lover’s camp)

Be a good Christian (or ask for money) and tell him you’ll search for his lovely Maria—it isn’t as if you weren’t going to do so anyhow. Head into the forest behind the cart and you’ll notice her scarf. Press on for about 20 yards and you’ll see the lovebirds had a nice rock-side dinner with two tankards of ale. Head to south-east and you’d see more evidence of the romantic meeting: a blue bruoch on the ground, a flask of wine hanging from a tree, a garland against a tree, and eventually an orange undergarment against a sandy bluff. Look along the bluff from here and you should see the lovers’ camp.

Make sure to drink a Saviour Schnapps before speaking to Jakey if you want both the Torturer and the Pinky Promise achievements. Now for either achievement none of your choices matter until you see a speech check option. So go on and interrogate the rat. First though, he’ll mention how he ended up where he did.

(Heinrich interrogating Jakey)

Seems like Jakey got himself a bit in a pickle as he’s bound to a tree and Maria is nowhere to be seen. She hit him with a rock and ran with his money (if you pickpocket him, he still has a couple of Groschen on him—worst thief ever). Good riddance for him. Now to the matter at hand. Jakey will tell you that he got threatened by Hagen and his men and that they later offered a significant amount of coin to snitch on his companions. Seeing hows he was treated really bad in camp and never even got half a Groschen from Kuno he decided to sell out.

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Ask Jakey about Hagen and it seems like Jakey is ready to speak, however, he firsts wants you to untie him and promise to let him go if he tells you all about Hagen Zoul. As soon as you see the speech check, you got four options. Ask him “Why did you snitch?” for another rant on Sir Kuno. For the Torturer achievement choose “You don’t want to talk? Alright.” and leave him be for a day. Return and he’s ready to spill the beans without further ado, unlocking Torturer.

(I know that some guides on the internet will tell you that you can also get Pinky Promise with the Torturer achievement but… you can’t (anymore at least). I tried all options and it won’t unlock along Torturer. Your only sensible option after letting him rot for a day is “You can go” and it does not lead to the Pinky Promise achievement. The other options are “Not a chance” and “I’ll untie you and take you to jail” that’ll both end dialogue immediatly.)

(Jakey asks Heinrich to pinky promise to let him go)

For the Pinky Promise achievement instead, don’t go for the speech check (“I understand. Kuno’s a swine”) but choose “I’ll untie you”. He tells you the same story as with the other options: Hagen plans on raiding Samopesh—in person nonetheless—and torch the whole village. Since you kept your word, however, he’ll give you a bit of extra information. Jakey told Hagen how Sir Kuno was fed up with being Sir Radzig’s errand boy and Hagen is planning on bribing Sir Kuno to switch sides against Sir Radzig. Now that’s quite some intel! And you got the Pinky Promise achievement to show for it.

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Now head out of the forest again and tell Merchant Ernest what his precious Maria did. He doesn’t seem to surprised to hear she stole some poor lad’s money, he just really wants to know what happened to Maria. Tell him once again you don’t know, and he doesn’t seem so worried and anxious anymore—he seems rather… p-ssed. Guess there’s another fellow feeling robbed.

(Merchant Ernest really wants to know where the money… eh where his little princess is)

Written by X-ztnZ

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