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Kingdom Come Deliverance: What Price Honour Quest Walkthrough

What Price Honour Quest Walkthrough

Achievement: Mercenary’s Honour (missable)

  • 1. Ride against Hagen Zoul!
  • 2. Defeat Hagen’s men
  • 3. Beat Hagen Zoul
  • 4. Report to Sir Radzig

Return to camp and report to Sir Kuno that you found Jakey. You will proceed to tell him that an attack on Samopesh, lead by Sir Hagen himself, is imminent. Tell him what you want about how you handled Jakey. If you left him alive, Sir Kuno will give you a scolding no matter what.

If you promised Jakey to let him go if he told you everything, Heinrich will press Sir Kuno about his backtalking against Sir Radzig. The Chief will assure Heinrich that he won’t turn his back on his lord. This will also lead to an extra option during the battle ahead, in which Heinrich can remind Sir Kuno of what he promised.

(The company rides out against Sir Hagen Zoul)

And so the company departs for Samopesh. On the hills near Merhojed, however, they’re greeted by Sir Hagen’s war band and they’re here to parley. Watch the scene unfold an eventually you’ll be left to deal with the situation. You can either persuade (speech check 7), bribe (15.000 Groschen), or—if you spared Jakey—remind Sir Kuno of his earlier promise. Alternatively, you can tell Sir Kuno to go as a traitor, in which case he’ll accept the Sir Hagen’s offer and rides off.

Sir Kuno of Rychwald

If you (successfully) persuaded Sir Kuno you’ll get the Mercenary’s Honour achievement. However, whether you persuaded, bribed or reminded Sir Kuno, the rest plays out the same and your party will attack Sir Hagen’s outfit. It’s a pretty even battle, so just get your buffs up and rush into the fray. The endings for the DLC differ slightly on the outcome of the battle but not much. Be sure to loot Sir Hagen for some nice custom armour and pick up his sword and shield from the battlefield.

(The company is ready to do some buttkicking for goodness and to chew bubblegum—if only there was bubblegum in mediaeval Bohemia)

Sir Kuno the Traitor

If you somehow failed to convince Sir Kuno, however, not all is lost. Heinrich will challenge Sir Hagen to single combat, which our robber baron is bound to accept. Sir Hagen can be a tough opponent, riposting your attack and landing master strike after master strike so press him hard and counter him good and the battle should be yours. You can either spare his life or kill him, but if you do the latter his cronies will attack you.

(Sir Kuno wishes Heinrich good luck… he’ll sure need it)

No matter the path you choose and no matter the outcome, after all is done return to Sir Radzig for your report and get your well-earned reward.

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