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Kingdom Eighties Walkthrough Guide & Tips

Kingdom Eighties Walkthrough Guide & Tips

Kingdom Eighties basics guide. This guide is mainly written for people who have already played other games in the kingdom series as I will focus on the things unique to Kingdom Eighties. I’m avoiding spoilers regarding the story as much as I can- focusing on what you need to know to get through each chapter as well as information you might want to know (like the different bikes you can find and how). I’ll update this guide as I play the chapters.

Chapter 1

Set in a summer camp setting, you recruit kids and give them bows or hammers to make them into archers or builders.

Do tasks to recruit teens to unlock new upgrades/buildings.

NOTE: doing almost anything related to the teens will trigger a blodmoon (getting the trophy etc) so wait a bit until you’re prepared for that.

The teens you recruit will dash / speed into the greed and push them back for you, sometimes even killing them.

Since you cant build towers of any kind there is no reason to not expand your walls as aggressively as you can. Also, recruiting places do not disappear if you clear out the surrounding trees.

The prior Kingdom games have a farmer mechanic- Kingdom Eighties does not. Instead you can unlock different job stations. (like the pizza place or the pool) where the kids will do “work” and generate coins. The different jobs around the camp can be done by any kid, with or without a job, so don’t worry about that.

There is three different bikes you can find on the island (camp?):

  • 1. the bike outside a cabin with a mask. Unsure of how this bike is special as I did not really use it as much. Looks cool tho.
  • 2. A yellow bike next to a bus stop. This bike has two gears, one having a speedboost in the grass, and the other having a speedboost in the forest. You switch between the gears by double tapping shift.
  • 3. ET bike! There is a spaceship you can only unlock on bloodmoons, and this will give you a bike with a greedlet in the front basket (like from the ET movie). This bike can do a leap forward/into the air. Cost quite a bit of gold tho, like 8 or 10? to unlock.

To destroy portals, buy the trash container / dumpster and have the jokey teen push it to the portal, effectively protecting the kids as they shoot at the portal. The dumpsters can be dragged in either direction so don’t worry if it looks like you can only get the dumpster on one side. The builder kid can repair it, and you can spend one coin to place it more or less anywhere, making it into a wall.

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The end portal that’s all gooey and on the side with the beach (what’s usually the pier and can be turned into a lighthouse) will leave behind an upgrade to your money pouch when destroyed.

To get the canoe back, buy a dumpster and drag it to the big end portal, and walk into it with a bunch of archers and three builders. Kill the greed and big greed things inside (wont take too much, you’re in the first chapter after all) and then buy the canoe. IMPORTANT: you have to escort the canoe back so DO NOT leave the dumpster behind, this causes the builders to drop the canoe and you have to redo the whole thing.

Chapter 2

Now you’re in the town! Kids are now recruited from playgrounds.

There’s just one teen to recruit, a nerd type playing an arcade machine. He gives you the ability to buy laser guns, which you can build around the map. The guns can be upgraded with a protective cover thing, which acts like an additional wall, but it does not seem to upgrade the firepower of the laser. The upgraded part also gets smashed to pieces by the greed, but the laser itself get’s spared. It also does not require anyone to operate.

The lasers have three different forms:

Small pews, Bigger and slow arc projectile, and straight up laser.

The smaller pew guns are great for the standard greed, and the laser is better against the bigger guys as it also has a slight knockback effect. You swap between the types by paying two coins to the monitor next to the laser when it displays the form you want to swap to.

On top of this the nerd can also build a portable laser that you can bring with you with the dumpster when you want to destroy portals.

The end portal to the right (the beach one) does not give any new upgrades or towers, (but will drop the upgrade to the money pouch if you missed that in chapter 1) so feel free to skip entirely if you want.

Once you have the nerd, he can lower the bridge to the left so you can leave to the next area. There is no portal after so once you walk enough to that side you’ll automatically progress to the next chapter.

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There’s two bikes to be found:

  • 1. A skateboard! Might seem a little underwhelming but it picks up speed fast and retains it with a lot of momentum. Also does only get a little slower in the forest. If you double tap W or up arrow-key you do a kickflip.
  • 2. A mini truck. Bought at the birthday party (spoiler it’s what’s inside the present). It is not super fast but you can double tap shift for a temporary speedboost and feel very american. Dashing into greed with the truck kills them.

There is also a dog to be found next to your parents house, but be careful because he will get kidnapped by the greed if you give them the chance and it does not seem like you can get him back. (If you’re worried- I lost the dog in my playthrough and although you can’t do anything in the game to retrieve him, at the very end you do get him back once you’ve defeated the final cave system)

Chapter 3

This chapter you’re in the city, kids are now recruited next to stores labeled Regal Shoes.

There’s no teen to be recruited in this chapter, instead you have to break into a junkyard to get upgrade parts for a truck so you can smash through a wall on the other side of the city.

Not much else is different in this chapter.

There’s two different “bikes” to be found:

  • A Hoverboard, most likely a reference to the Back To The Future movie. Does not seem to be different to the regular skateboard but has a unique sound it makes when you skate around. Buying the hoverboard for the first time also triggers a hologram of a shark, giving you the “Get eaten by a shark” achievement. (It’s possible you have to actually be “hit” by the hologram for the achievement).
  • A tactical three wheeler. Coasts quite a bit of money and comes equipped with a laser. But it drains stamina like crazy and is too slow for me personally. Double tap shift to fire the laser.

You break into the junkyard by first destroying the portals in front of it, and then walking up to the fence with the dumpster + laser setup. There’s a few walls you have to knock down, and there will be greed trying to stop you, but it’s not that difficult to get through. There’s three different pieces you have to pick up (or rather let a builder pick up). With those you can then upgrade the truck. You can also destroy the end portal in the junkyard (but you cant enter it even though it looks like you should be able to). Destroying it seems like it halts the greed for a few days, but I bet it rebuilds itself if you give it enough time.

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Chapter 4

Welcome to New Lands Mall!

On your right (assuming the game is hard-coded to look the same for everyone) you have the entrance to the mall, the parking lot, and the forest. On your left you venture deeper into the mall, which eventually leads to the entrance to the cave where the greed originates from.

Kids can only be recruited from the forest outside the mall. NOTE: if you chop down the surrounding trees of the campsites they get removed, but you can build a summer camp house in their absence (very similar to how the mechanic work in kingdom norse lands). I recommend leaving the nearest tree on either side of the campsites to leave them as is- they spawn kids faster then the houses and cost a lot less coins.

The End portal in the forest once again does not leave anything unique, but it’s very possible that it could drop the money pouch upgrade if you don’t have it yet.

There’s two new “bikes” in this area:

  • 1. A rainbow pony! Found in the forest with a heart hanging from it’s branches. Can only be bought on rainy days. Every now and then you can dash very fast forward (triggered by double tapping shift), but the standard speed is very meh. But the pony also poops three gold coins every now and then so there’s that.
  • 2. The back to the future car. Obtained by giving the dog guarding it a bone (which in turn can be found deep within the mall. sidenote- picking the bone up does not spawn a bloodmoon). Car is kinda slow but if you double tap shift you get a minor speedboost and leave a trail of fire- which presumably damages the greed.

Other then that the chapter is very similar to the others- no new mechanic or situation to worry about.

There seems to be a bug at the very end where the end cutscene doesn’t trigger when you place your crown in it’s rightful place in the cave- if this happens just restart the game. If that doesnt work then restarting again and waiting one more day before trying again worked for me.

Written by Nom

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