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Kingdom Hearts 3 – Arendelle The North Mountain Walkthrough

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Arendelle The North Mountain Walkthrough

Hit up the save point if you need to and then head north when you are ready. There will be some Heartless here to take out. When you reach the dead end, run up the glowing wall on your left. There will be a little ledge across from yours. Jump to it and run up its glowing wall.

There will be a bunch of jar Heartless in front of you guarding a chest if you want to grab it. Head north and jump to the next ledge and run up its glowing wall. This will lead you to some Heartless. Take them out using magic so you don’t risk falling off.

Then turn right and look up to find a glowing square that you can airstep to. Do that and hop down to its ledge. Follow the ledge straight ahead and then take a left. Jump up the snow mounds to find another glowing wall. Run up it and you’ll run into some Heartless.

Take them out and run up the next glowing wall. Run up one more glowing wall and you’ll be on the mountain ridge. Go up the ridge a little bit and a certain musical cutscene will start. This will lead to an avalanche that you need to escape on the Trinity Sled.

Your only real mechanics here are moving with the left thumbstick and jumping. What you need to worry about is not getting hit by one of the undead snow dragons. They will shoot lasers and try to hit you. Dodge all of this and you will run off a ledge and dive.

You will find yourself on the Trinity Sled again but in full control this time. Your only goal is to make your way down the mountain. There is no specific or certain path you need to do this on so feel free to go whichever way you like. When you get to the bottom, it’s time for a boss fight.

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