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Kingdom Hearts 3 – Dark World Boss Fight Demon Tower Walkthrough

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Dark World Boss Fight Demon Tower Walkthrough

Here we are for a brief visit to the Dark World with Riku and King Mickey. In their mission to save Aqua, the pair is surrounded by Heartless who form a boss called the Demon Tower. You get to fight the Demon Tower as Riku who is now a Keyblade Master. Unlike Sora who is still regaining his strength, Riku has all of his powers at your disposal.

It’s worth noting that the controls are exactly the same for Riku as they are Sora. However, the feel and depth of Riku are different, especially seen in his stronger magic and quicker attacks and dodges. In this fight, you also have King Mickey on your side and he will assist in healing and attacking.

Though the Demon Tower has six bars of health, Riku has a lot of HP as well and his attacks deal some serious damage. We recommend just hammering away with your standard Keyblade combo to attack the boss. This will chain up just like the form changes with Sora, allowing you to do some awesome attacks like Double Duel, which can be triggered in the same way.

Keep up this same auto-attack and you’ll defeat him in no time. If your health does happen to get too low, there are some potions you can use under the items tab. Once defeated, you’ll get some cutscenes and then it’s back to Sora’s story.

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