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Kingdom Hearts 3 – Monstropolis The Factory Walkthrough

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Monstropolis The Factory Walkthrough

Continue onward to the next active door at the end of this linear corridor. Examine it to transport to the next area. You will now find yourself stuck in the Factory. Follow the path in front of you to some stairs and there will be a chest on the right of the stairs with the map for this area.

Keep following the stairs upwards and you’ll come into a large room with a cutscene. In this room, there is a conveyor belt you have to run across that has cranes shooting lasers frequently. You can do this quickly or take your time. If you take your time, examine the parts on the belt to take cover.

A door will open up directly behind you. Turn around and go through the new entrance. Follow the corridor down the stairs into a room with Unversed. Take them out and continue down the main corridor for another cutscene. Take the elevator and follow the next corridor to a room with more enemies.

The enemies are standard ones you’ve been fighting but the added danger of the electric walls and crates make it harder to maneuver. The enemies are super strong but getting hit by the electricity will make your HP go down quickly.

When the fight is over, go down to the back wall and turn left for another conveyor belt of death. It’s the same process as before. You can do the slow approach and take cover under the parts or simply risk it all and run for your life. When you get to the bottom, turn right and go up.

You will once again have to get Boo to laugh enough to overload the system. This, of course, involves taking out some Unversed enemies while protecting Boo as well. Take out this first group of enemies and more will appear, focusing on taking out Boo.

When you are ready, head through the entrance to the next area. There will be a save point and Moogle Shop nearby. Head east through the corridor to find some water elementals with shields around them that must be taken out first.

Instead of electrical fences, though, fire is spreading throughout the area quickly. There are typical enemies that you’ve fought before but the fire is hard to dodge. As such, it’s recommended that you occasionally use the water spell to take out fires as you fight.

Take out the Unversed enemies and head through the one path to the east. There are a few more enemies here. Take them out and then run up the glowing wall at the back. Jump up and turn to the right. There will be a pipe. Hop on it to start another on-rails section.

When you get off, turn right and a few enemies will be there. Take them out and grab the treasure chest directly behind the enemies. Then turn right and go up the stairs. Follow the ramp up and you will come to a dead end. A hole is on your right. Jump down it and you will dive.

When you dive, move up to aim for the small hole.There will be a large room under you. Aim for the large red crate and dive attack it for a chest with a Classic Kingdom game inside. There is a save point to your south and a path. Go into the next room to the south for another fight.

Jump up onto the crates next to the pipe and jump onto it for another on-rails section. The rail will take you to a silo-like area. There will be some Unversed enemies. There is a more challenging variant of the normal large bug Unversed here.

Go up the stairs next to the fire and then go across the little bridge and then down the steps for some more Unversed enemies. Finish them off and then follow the large corridor that leads back into the Door Vault. Use the save point and Moogle shop if you need to.

When you’re ready, go up the stairs, following the creepy ink trail into a large area. This will commence a cutscene and the final boss fight for Monstropolis.

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