Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind How to Beat Dark Terra

Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind Yekbot

How to Beat Dark Terra

This fight against Dark Terra is the exact same as when we fought him alongside Vanitas back in the main game. He has the same attacks (except for his ultimate attack), but he’s so weak that the fight will last less than a minute.

Slashes: He slashes around a lot and ends with a ground slam that creates a small shockwave. You can block the start of the attack and then roll out of the way but if you get hit by the first attack you’ll be stuck and will have to endure all the slashing.

Energy Shots: Terra raises his Keyblade and shoots several energy beams at you. Very easy to dodge to a side or jump over them.

Dash Attack: He dashes forward really quickly and slashes. Very easy to dodge and block.

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