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Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind How to Beat Marluxia, Luxord, Larxene

How to Beat Marluxia, Luxord, Larxene

This fight is kind of weird because we’ve fought these guys before (at least some of them) and they were much more powerful back then. Continuing with the weird, you fight them all at once but at the same time you’re fighting them one on one. Doesn’t make much sense? I know! Continue reading and you’ll see.

Xemnas is pretty much there for show and doesn’t really do much but put the barrier around the arena. You’ll be fighting Marluxia, Larxene and Luxord at the same time. All of them have different attacks but let’s be real, it’s going to be impossible to read the attacks below, remember them and more importantly, remember HOW to avoid all the attacks haha. They don’t hit hard, which is very nice.


  • Teleport: He simply teleports away and can teleport back to you and attack you with his slice attack.
  • Slash: He slashes with this scythe upwards. Not much to say.


Card Attack: He throws a card and it disappears. After a couple of cards appear around you, start spinning around you and close in on you. When you see the cards moving around you, jump to avoid them completely.

Teleport: Like Marluxia, he teleports all over the place, but a lot more than Marluxia.


Thunder Slam: She jumps towards you and slams the ground, making a bunch of thunderbolts appear around her. Her main attack is the slam and the thunderbolts are there in case you dodge it. The best thing is to block the attack, but you can also dodge it and hope you don’t get hit.

Your strategy here is to focus one one of them! I recommend focusing on Marluxia as he’s the one with the easiest attacks to avoid and is, in my opinion, the weakest one. Play through the fight and once you bring one of them down to 50% HP a little scene will trigger where Xemnas powers up Luxord and then disappears. We then have to play a little game with him in order to get Mickey back. There will be a ton of cards circling around the arena and you’ll have to find him inside one of them. Doing so will have him appear, stunned, and ready for a beating. While doing so you still have to worry about Marluxia and Larxene, but I recommend you completely ignore them because if you attack them they’ll teleport away.

Anyway, the best way to fight this is to either run around the arena with the camera facing the center of the arena so you can see where Luxord is, or you can go around using Thunder to attack several cards at once. If you do find him he’ll be stunned and you’ll have to attack him as much as you can. He doesn’t have much HP so continue trying to find him and attacking him until he goes down.

A scene triggers as you defeat him and you’ve set him free. I kinda like him to be honest. Now we’ll have Mickey back with us and we’ll have to fight both Larxene and Marluxia. They do get a new attack though, but with much more terrifying than their previous ones.


Spinning Scythe: Marluxia’s scythe becomes purple and starts spinning around like crazy. It’ll have a glow that makes its range much more deadly. It also spins towards you in a straight line so you can either block it or dodge it to a side, but be prepared for it coming back.

Scythe Combo: He attacks towards you and then attacks a couple times, both slicing and dicing and spinning around. You can just block this attack and you’ll be fine.


Zig-zag Lightning: She zig-zag’s a bunch and then lunges at you and tries to slash you. This looks very hard but you can simply count the times she zig-zags. She does this 11 times before lunging at you, but it’s more of a rhythm. Pretty easy to dodge to be honest.


All-out attack: They go to the center of the arena, Larxene starts floating upwards (and tons of little sparks appear throughout the arena) and then Marluxia comes in and slams the ground with the his scythe to create a massive thunderquake that hits the whole arena. You can jump and avoid it completely.

This part is a bit easier because we have Mickey now and he’ll help us keep one of them occupied while we focus on one of them. You can do whichever one you want first but I went for Marluxia first (just because I don’t like him at all). They do have a couple of new attacks, but it’s very easy to read their moves and since you only have to focus on one right now it makes it much easier. A scene triggers after you defeat each one and we also set them both free. Beautiful!

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