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Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind How to Beat Sai’x, Hooded Enemy

How to Beat Sai’x, Hooded Enemy

Note: That in this fight we’re given the choice to play as either Sora or Roxas. The pick is up to you, but you could say Roxas is a bit harder as you don’t have nearly the same amount of skills and abilities as Sora. He does have dual wielding keyblades so that’s neat!

Probably the most difficult boss fight in this area, and that is thanks to Sai’x’s attacks. His attacks are so random and have such a range that it’s very hard to approach him. Another thing that makes this fight incredibly hard is that it’s so hard to stun Sai’x and he’ll keep attacking even if you’re attacking him. The Hooded Enemy moves very similar to Dark Riku and there’s not much to say, but as the fight progresses a scene takes place and we have to only fight Sai’x. This is the reason we’re only focusing on the blue-haired demon:

Ring of Fire: He starts swinging his axe horizontally and creating a ring of fire per swing. This one is really annoying because you can’t stun him while doing this attack. You can either block each slash as they come, or you can double jump and start gliding until he’s done. He does around 6-7 swings and if you’re blocking them, try to counter him to deal some damage.

Downward Strike: He jumps and floats in the air a little bit, then throws his axe downwards and has it spin in place for a little while. The axe doesn’t move so just don’t be underneath him when he jumps and this attack will miss.

V Slash: Similar to Dark Riku’s attack, Sai’x attacks a couple times with his axe and then jumps backwards and throws his axe at the floor three shockwaves that form a V with the third one going down the middle. Blocking these attacks is the best because you’ll want to counter him as soon as he’s done with the attack. Note that when you see him jump backwards to do the final move, you can roll towards him to avoid the attack and to be prepared to attack.

T Slash: In this one he slams the floor and creates three shockwaves that create a T, then he teleports and throws his axe at you. Note that he can combine this attack and the V Slash attack, which is pretty similar. Still be prepared to block this attack as you won’t have time to jump and glide.

After the scene and everything changes, he’ll also have the following attacks:

Shockwave: He jumps and slams the ground creating a large shockwave. Very easy to jump over so do so when you see him jumping.

Star Slash: He does a couple of V and T Slashes and finishes with a larger “Star Slash”, where he thrusts his axe into the ground and creates several shockwaves that travel in all directions around him.

He doesn’t gain that many attacks after the scene, but he gains incredible strength and speed. Seriously, his Ring of Fire attack instead of slashing around with his axe, he simply glides around and spins his axe creating the shockwaves. Don’t let this fool you though, he’s still beatable, especially thanks to who’s helping you but you’ll just have to be a bit more careful on how you’re fighting.

Take note of the Berserk gauge in the top left. It starts blue, then turns to yellow and finally it depletes. As long as this gauge is a little bit full Sai’x will have the blue aura around him and will negate any chance for you to stun him. You can still damage him but you will be open to his attacks if you get too close. If you don’t want to get that hurt, wait for his gauge to deplete and he’ll be stunned for a good chunk of time. Use this time to do as much damage as you possibly can because when the yellow gauge is full, he’ll start attacking you but will still be stunnable, which is great for us.

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