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Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind How to Beat Vanitas, Dark Terra

How to Beat Vanitas, Dark Terra

Unlike the original game, we’ll be fighting them both with just Ven and Aqua, but after a little bit, the fight stops and Sora joins the fight, making it the same as before. Their attacks remain exactly the same, however.

Note: That in this fight we’re given the choice to play as either Sora or Aqua. The pick is up to you, but you could say Aqua is a bit harder as you don’t have nearly the same amount of skills and abilities as Sora.

The last fight of this section (that was a ton of fights back to back, right?). This is probably the easiest fight of the whole bunch because we have two amazing Keyblade wielders helping us and because both Vanitas and Terra are really slow (in comparison to Sai’x that is). Vanitas has most of his attacks from the previous fight with him, but adds a couple new ones to take advantage of the terrain. Terra… he’s just here chilling and not doing much. Let’s go over their attacks really quick and how to prepare for them:


Teleporting Slash: Vanitas vanishes into thin air and follows this by teleporting above you and slashing downwards. You can easily dodge this one or just jump and glide around to avoid all the attacks. He does this a couple times so stay on your toes.

Underground Flare: You’ll see a red and black circle appear on the floor that homes in on you at a very high speed. As it gets close to you Vanitas jumps out of it in a spiral of fire with several smaller fireballs flying all over the place. You can easily dodge this attack when you see the circle right underneath your feet but make sure to not get hit by any smaller fireballs that are created. Another way is to block / counter this attack. This I recommend since you stay put and don’t you don’t put yourself at risk of getting hurt by the small fireballs.

Ice Cleave: He teleports on top of you and cleaves his keyblade into the ground, creating a large iceberg on the ground. This one is pretty easy to dodge, just dodge out of the way when you see him teleport.

Upper Slash: He attacks a couple times in front of him and goes upwards at the end. You cannot stagger him while he’s attacking so make sure to block and counterattack him.

Keyblade Ride: He summons a bunch of Keyblades and rides them like a roller coaster (like you’ve seen him do so many times before). While riding the keyblades he charges forward (not necessarily towards you) and shots a couple icicles that home in on you. Don’t even try to attack him while he’s riding because you’ll just be knocked away by the keyblades. Using magic (Thundaga/Thundaza) is the best you can do as it’ll deal a ton of damage.

Keyblade Snake: While he’s manipulating the Keyblades he’ll stop in the top center of the arena and start throwing a bunch of Keyblades at you. They kinda resemble snakes (at least in my eyes haha) and will go down into the ground. Some of them can come back up so be careful. Stay gliding while he’d doing this and spam Thundaga/Thundaza to deal massive damage.


Slashes: He slashes around a lot and ends with a ground slam that creates a small shockwave. You can block the start of the attack and then roll out of the way but if you get hit by the first attack you’ll be stuck and will have to endure all the slashing.

Energy Shots: Terra raises his Keyblade and shoots several energy beams at you. Very easy to dodge to a side or jump over them.

Dash Attack: He dashes forward really quickly and slashes. Very easy to dodge and block.

Ultimate Attack: This one makes every attack here look useless. Terra teleports to the center of the arena, makes everything go dark and summons several thunderbolts to rain down. You’ll most likely be hurt by this attack (I’m sorry I don’t know how to dodge this one) and afterwards the large Heartless that’s on his back comes out and starts slashing around. Note that there’re still thunderbolts raining down, but it’s on the edges of the arena making you stay very close to Terra and the Heartless. You cannot damage the Heartless so I found out the best thing to do here is to just stay still and block every slash and wait until the attack passes. This attack will most likely KO Aqua and Ven so be careful and quickly Heal them up if you still have MP.

As you can see the real threat here is Vanitas. They have almost the same HP so you can really go either or, but I really recommend you take care of Terra ASAP so you can focus more on Vanitas. Terra does one thing that really triggers me and that’s that when he’s low on HP he likes to teleport to the other side of the arena. This is really annoying because by the time you finally get to him he’ll teleport away again to the other side. As soon as you see him teleport, do a quick hop and glide towards him.

As for Vanitas, you should fight him the same way you did back with Aqua. Nothing much has changed except for his Keyblade Ride attack. And since now you’re using Sora you can finally fight him at your full potential!

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