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Kingdom Hearts 3 – San Fransokyo Darkubes and Dark Baymax

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San Fransokyo Darkubes and Dark Baymax

Boss Fight: Darkubes

You are now up against the Darkubes but for real this time. It has eight health bars, which is much less than the last few bosses we’ve done. However, you are only able to hit it in the core when it is in the heart shape. Otherwise, you’ll need to dodge the boss.

Simply repeat the process of dodging the hand and spider-looking versions then giving it all you’ve got when it’s in the heart form and you’ll defeat it quickly. You will then be returned to Hiro’s Garage. Save and use the shop if necessary. When you’re ready, talk to Hiro.

Boss Fight: Dark Baymax

Now it’s time for a surprise fight against Dark Baymax. For the duration of this unique fight, you are controlling Baymax for the most part. It will start out as an on-rails fight where you maneuver Baymax around. Hold down the right trigger to shoot and dodge when necessary.

Then around when Dark Baymax has half of its health left, the fight will change and you’ll have full control over Baymax’s movements. You will want to dodge Dark Baymax while you keep shooting at it. It will launch projectiles at you frequently so be sure to dodge those.

If your health gets too low, thankfully, you can press B/Circle to heal up. This abundance of healing makes this a pretty easy fight. If you can get in close to Dark Baymax, use a melee attack as it deals a good bit of damage. Keep up dodging attacks and projectiles while shooting.

You can also use the melee attack to hit the projectiles back at Dark Baymax. Occasionally, you will be able to use Sky Strike with Y/Triangle. Be sure to use that when you get it so you can deal some massive damage. Defeat Dark Baymax and you’ll have completed San Fransokyo.

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