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Kingdom Hearts 3 – San Fransokyo Giant T-Rex Heartless

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San Fransokyo Giant T-Rex Heartless

You are up against a huge T-Rex Heartless boss that has around 11 and a half health bars. It is a pretty strong enemy, especially its main charge. However, it can be easily dodged by dodging left or right a couple of times.

Unfortunately, its main attack point is its head so you will have to be in front of it most of the time. Thankfully, ranged attacks like magic are great here as well. Also, don’t forget your team moves and Links. Its only other real mechanics are two of them that happen around the same time.

It will get some armor that you must take out and launch meteors around the area. Dodge the meteors then focus on taking out its armor. Near the end of the battle, it will jump to the top of a building. Look up, find the marker, and run up the building while dodging the laser cannons. When you get up there, you will want to team up with Baymax when you can and focus all your strength on attacking its tail this time around. It won’t have a lot of health left here so it shouldn’t take long to finish it off. Be careful not to fall off the building.

After the fight, it will be nighttime as you go on a search. There is no marker initially so you will need to explore around a bit before it pops up. However, your goal is in the northwestern corner of the city so you can start heading there if you want. There will be Heartless along the way.

Your destination is the middle of an intersection. A wall will form around you and you will have a new digital enemy to fight. This isn’t a fight you’re supposed to win so just do normal attacks and team moves when they pop up and the fight will end shortly on its own.

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