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Kingdom Hearts 3 – San Fransokyo Save Big Hero 6

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San Fransokyo Save Big Hero 6

Your next objective will be to go find the four other members of Big Hero 6 and save them from this new enemy. The closest to your initial location is Honey Lemon but we went after Go Go first. Unlike the others, she moves constantly around the area.

It’s worth noting that the health bars of the heroes are continuously going down so you do have to move fast. Thankfully, they go down really slowly so as long as you focus on your objectives, you’ll be good. Go Go is trapped in a ball. What you need to do is roll around on a Daruma and hit her ball with it to free her.

Next up is saving Honey Lemon. She is up a little, in between two of the buildings in a spiderweb of sorts. You need to find the ends of the webs that are attached to the buildings and have various colors. When you find them, you need to use the associated magic spell. If it’s blue, use water. If it’s red, use fire and if it’s yellow, use thunder. Dodge the laser cannons and enemies and destroy all of these to free Honey Lemon. Next up, we saved Fred. He is on the ground, stuck in a ball that is attached to poles.

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All you need to do is jump up and glide over to the poles to spin around them and release the web. Do this around all of the connected poles and you’ll save Fred in no time. Last but not least is Wasabi. He is at the top of a huge building not too far from Fred’s location.

Run up the building to the roof and you will find him also trapped in a large ball. Right next to him are some vents blowing up. Jump on them to leap into the air and then dive attack the ball Wasabi is in to free him. You will then get a new marker on top of a building near you. Head to it.

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