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Kingdom Hearts 3 – The Caribbean Giant Aquatic Heartless Walkthrough

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The Caribbean Giant Aquatic Heartless Walkthrough

This boss has eight health bars and only a couple of attacks. Overall, it’s a rather easy boss, especially compared to the first one in The Caribbean. It is large and you can attack it from anywhere on its body. This is also a good time to use the swim faster technique or dodges.

Its two main attacks are swallowing you up and sending energy balls after you. For the first attack, make sure to swim fast or dodge its mouth at all times. For the second attack, it’s the same thing. Dodge/swim left or right and keep doing that until it’s done with the balls. Use a mix of standard attacks and magic to take this boss out quickly.

Continue on southward to leave this underwater dungeon and reunite with Jack. You will now be in control of the Leviathan ship, your very own sea vessel. The controls are largely the same as the short tutorial from before but you do have a barrier shield you can use called Water Wall. You have no immediate objective so sail for whichever direction you want. For us, we started heading north. A group of ships will start attacking you. Like before, your objective is to fire the cannons at the glowing cores to quickly take them out. The smaller ships can be destroyed in one hit this way. Take them out and it’s time for a multi-part boss fight.

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