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Kingdom Hearts 3 – The Caribbean The Huddled Isles Walkthrough

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The Caribbean The Huddled Isles Walkthrough

After the boss fight, you will find Sora, the gang, and Jack stranded on The Huddled Isles. Save and visit the shop if you need to. When you’re ready, head straight south into the water. You will quickly come to a rock wall. At this point, use the left trigger to dive underwater.

The controls for underwater are simple: right trigger to ascend, left trigger to descend, hold B/Circle to swim fast (can be a little tricky to control this way), and then your normal attack buttons for attacks and spells. Continue southeast and you’ll come across some new fish Heartless. They are relatively harmless so use whichever attacks you’d like. Also, thunder and its more powerful forms are a great asset for area-of-effect attacks while underwater. You will eventually come to a larger clearing with a sunken ship. Head east from here.

The path will become much more narrow here. Follow the path east and you will encounter more Heartless. The path will curve southward. Continue going east and you will reach a large room with a lot of fish Heartless. Defeat them and continue on heading east.

This will quickly take you to huge jellyfish. Defeat them with magic/ranged attacks or avoid them so you aren’t damaged by them. Past these, you will have a fork where you can follow north or south. Continue south down the path and you will come to a save point and a large room.

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