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Kingdom Hearts 3 – The Final World Walkthrough

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The Final World

Sora will find himself in The Final World. After some cutscenes, you will need to gather up the Sora phantoms. There will many Sora clones walking around like in the Anti-Aqua fight. Simply run, glide, or roll into them to collect them. Afterward, there will be lights that you can chat with. When you are ready, use the pink floating object to teleport.

You are now in a large, open area where, like in The Caribbean, you need to find 111 Sora fragments. We should note that there are far more than 111 in this area so don’t worry about having to search for needlessly. Each of the various Sora clones has their own patterns and behaviors.

Some are flying around, walking upside down, riding the rails, and so on. For the most part, just run around and grab as many of them as you can. Don’t forget to use the new glide ability to easily maneuver around this odd world. Note that there are some small glowing cubes you can hit to rotate the world.

After you collect all 111, you can leave or keep looking for more. When you finish, you will find yourself back in the familiar location of Olympus. Go right through this large area to the next area where there are some stairs. Now, you can ignore these enemies or fight them.

This section by the stairs is actually one of the best places to grind to level up since the enemies are weak and infinitely respawn. However, this is the only time you can access them so make another save if necessary. When you are ready, go up the stairs to face the Lich.

The Lich is rather easy to defeat with a couple of health bars and only long-range magic as its main attack. All you need to do is constantly be dodging and moving. You can just use your main Keyblade combo to take out the Lich. When it’s defeated, you will find yourself diving down.

Pick any of the portals you haven’t been to yet and you will revisit each of the worlds you went to previously. Each time, you will have another fight with the Lich but with some extra unique Heartless such as the Gigas from Toy Box. Each time, all you need to do is take out the Lich to move on. When you find yourself back in They Keyblade Graveyard, head north to the large opening.

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