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Kingdom Hearts 3 – The Keyblade Graveyard Anti-Aqua

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The Keyblade Graveyard Anti-Aqua

After beating the San Fransokyo world, the main story kicks into high gear and sends you back to the Dark World. It’s time for a boss fight against the Demon Tower once more as Riku. This is a very similar fight to the one from before. It has only six health bars and you play as the powerful Riku.

You can use whichever attacks you want, either standard Keyblade attacks or magic to take out the Demon Tower. If your health gets too low, use magic or one of the items that Riku already has. Defeat it and it’s time for another boss fight.

Boss Fight: Anti-Aqua

Immediately after the last one, it’s time for another boss fight but this time against Anti-Aqua. Though she only has seven health bars, this is by far the most challenging boss fight thus far and, in our opinion, the entire main game. Not only is she fast and agile but she has devastating attacks.

Her attacks will deal some serious damage to Sora so you will want to dodge as many as humanly possible. You are going to want to be constantly moving and dodging around this area because she will be frequently teleporting to surprise attack you.

We recommend bringing plenty of items for MP and HP. That’s because she has numerous clones as well. Your best bet is to use magic like Thunder that will affect a great area and take out many of the clones. This is a solo fight so you will need to rely on Links and attractions to take her out. Make sure to strike the balance between defense and offense and you’ll take her out soon enough.

After the fight with Aqua, you will travel to The Land of Departure. Go down the sole corridor in this area and either take a left or right at the fork; both lead to the same place. Go up the stairs and turn around and walk towards the three thrones.

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