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Kingdom Hearts 3 – Twilight Town How to Find Ingredients Walkthrough

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Twilight Town How to Find Ingredients Walkthrough

Once this is over, you will learn about the Bistro where you can make dishes. You will be tasked with finding nine ingredients for the Little Chef to make some food for you. You can find all of the ingredients in Twilight Town so need to leave and go to the woods or The Old Mansion.

Ingredients are scattered all throughout the town. There are more than nine spots in total. It’s worth noting that Goofy’s ability that gives you more than one ingredient per spot won’t help with this task. You have to find ingredients from nine different locations.

What you want to look for are bowls that are filled with fruits and little takeout boxes. You will want to attack these items to gather ingredients. Some are found on the ground floor of the town while others are on ledges, benches, and even on the roof of the buildings.

When you find all nine ingredients, another cutscene will automatically commence. You will unlock the Classic Kingdom minigames and get a new Keyblade. At this point, you can either enter the Bistro and play some minigames. When you are ready to continue the story, go to the save point and return to the World Map.

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