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The game has five Islands, each one more difficult than the last. To unlock the next island, you must beat the previous island by constructing the boat and successfully leaving. Upon leaving an island or starting a new game, you can start on any island previously unlocked. There is also a sixth island, known as “Skull Island”, that functions a bit differently than the other five. Information on each Island and the differences between them are listed below.

Island 1
This island is the easiest one, and is the default island when starting a new game, or when playing the game for the first time. One of the main things that makes this island special is that the island only has one portal: the Cliff Portal. This means that the enemies will only ever come from one direction, so it is completely safe to expand in the other direction. The obelisk does not spawn on this island, making it impossible to attack the cliff portal, or to build any strong defenses, meaning it is one of the worst locations to attempt the long-term survival achievements. The boat also spawns with half of its parts when it is first purchased on this island. This is one of the two islands that the merchant spawns on.

Island 2
This island has a total of 2 portals; a normal Portal on one side of your kingdom, and the Cliff Portal on the other side. The Cliff Portal starts open on this island. This is one of the two islands that the merchant spawns on.

Island 3
This island has a total of 3 portals; 1 Portal on each side of your kingdom, and the Cliff Portal, which will start closed, but will open if all other Portals are destroyed. This island is the first island to not have the merchant.

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Island 4
This island has a total of 5 portals; 2 Portals on each side of your kingdom, and the Cliff Portal, which will start closed, but will open if all other Portals are destroyed.

Island 5
This island has a total of 7 portals; 3 Portals on each side of your kingdom, and the Cliff Portal, which will start closed, but will open if all other Portals are destroyed.

Skull Island (Spoilers!)
In order to get to skull island, you must beat Island 5. This will give you the opportunity to visit skull island, where you will have one shot at completing the island. If you fail to complete the island, you cannot start a new game on Skull Island, and will need to beat Island 5 any island once again to get another attempt. There are two different mechanics that are exclusive to this island. The first of these two is that there is no dock, and therefore no boat. In order to complete the island, you must destroy all Portals, and then destroy both Cliff Portals in the same 3-day period. Once both of the Cliff Portals are simultaneously destroyed, you will complete the island, and get four skulls added to the bottom of your coat of arms. Upon starting the next island, you will not have brought any of your subjects with you, as you will not have put any on a boat. The other mechanic exclusive to this island is the Statue of Time.

The Statue of Time will always appear on Skull Island, and serves as a countdown timer. The hourglass will slowly pour out its liquid as you play on skull island, until it eventually becomes completely empty. This process takes a total of 50 days, and when the timer expires, you will immediately get a game over, accompanied by the text “All is lost…”. The Statue of Time can be paid 8 coins, which will freeze the flow of liquid for the next day. After this day passes, the Statue of Time will resume pouring liquid out of the hourglass, at which point it can be paid another 8 coins to freeze it again.

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The Boat
The Boat is by far the most expensive project, and it takes a long time to build and move it fully, so be careful about working on it late in the day. You will eventually come across a shipwreck that looks like this:

You will be asked to spend 10 Coins on the Boat, which will fix the skeleton of the ship, and, if you are on the 1st island, spawn 30 parts. You will need to purchase the rest of the 60 parts for 2 Coins each, which will spawn them on the ground. Any Boat parts left on the ground will be used by your Workers to tediously build the rest of the Boat, but will also be vulnerable to being stolen by Greed. Once the Boat is built, you will be required to spend another 2 Coins, and upon doing so, 3 of your Workers will place the Boat into the water and slowly push it to the side of the island with the dock. Your Workers will push faster on open land than they do through forests, so be sure to deforest if you are in a hurry. On the way to the dock, the Boat will pick up 4 random Archers, who will still continue to attack things as the Boat gets pushed, such as Greed, Animals, and even Portals. Once the Boat reaches the dock, you can put up to 3 Knights and their squads on board by signaling your Knights to attack in the direction of the dock. If you send the Knights while the boat is still being pushed, they will simply escort the Boat until it reaches the dock, at which point they will board. Once you are ready to go, you must pay another fee of 10 Coins to depart. Departing resets the day count, sends you to the map, and unlocks the next island. Your mount, All of your Coins, anany subjects on board with you will be brought with you to the next island. If you have a Dog, or if a Hermit is riding your mount, they will come with you as well. All NPCs will lose any Coins that they are carrying, including Knights. You do not need all 3 Workers to depart, and can do so before all NPCs are onboard, but it is less beneficial to do so.

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When you arrive on a new island, you will spawn at the shipwreck, and your subjects will run to protect your new Kingdom, even before you light the fire. Once you have the Boat built again, you will have the choice to continue to the next island, or to redo an island you have previously completed.

By bringing 2 Knights with you when departing, you will start the next island with 2 Knights (one on each side), but they will not have their own banners if you upgrade to a Tier 6 Kingdom. This means that if your Knights survive long enough for you to get more Knights, you can have a total of 3 on each side, which you can then board onto your next boat, giving you 3 Knights to start the next island with.

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