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Kingdom: New Lands – The Basics and Controls

The Basics and Controls

Before the game begins, you will see your character running on a loading screen. Pressing [S] or [Down Arrow] at this point will change your character’s appearance, but you can still use Blazons to change your appearance after you start playing, so don’t be too picky. Once you start, the keys to control your character are as follows:

  • [Left Arrow] or [A] Walk to the left. Double tap to run.
  • [Right Arrow] or [D] Walk to the right. Double tap to run.
  • [Down Arrow] or [S] Drop a coin or hold to pay for something.
  • [Left Shift] If held down while walking, you start running.
  • [Esc] Pause the game.

If your character is hit by an enemy, you will lose a number of coins proportional to the attack. Be warned, you have no invulnerability period after being hit. If you get hit when you have no coins, your crown will get knocked off of your head. If it falls into the ocean or is successfully stolen by an enemy, you lose the game.

The game runs on a day and night cycle, where you build and expand during the day, and defend the onslaught of enemies at night. The longer you survive, the harder it gets.

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Coins are what you need in order to hire subjects, build defenses, and progress in general. There are many different ways that you can find coins, but you can only hold a limited amount in your bag before it overflows. Any coins that overflow out of your bag will automatically either be dropped on the ground or discarded into the water.

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