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Kingdom Two Crowns – Armored Horse

Armored Horse

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Armored Horse
Island: 3
Spawnpoint: Battlefield with skeleton
Unlock Cost: 2 Gems
Cost: 14 Coins

The Warhorse is found in an abandoned battlefield with the remains of a fallen warrior (dressed in the colours of the previous kingdom’s blazon). It has noticeably more stamina than the original horse (and slightly more than the black horse), but has the same speed.

At about every 15 seconds, making the horse gallop activates a protective spell that lasts for about 12 seconds. Its armour glows along with a limited number (around 20) of nearby subjects (villagers, builders, farmers, archers and knights). They receive a temporary buff to their defences. This spell though doesn’t increase the defenses of archers and builders against floaters, when they’re on top of towers.

In Kingdom: Two Crowns he’s always on the 3rd island, it costs 2 gems to unlock and 14 coins to ride it.

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