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Kingdom Two Crowns – Breeders


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Breeders are the strongest enemy in the game, taking multiple catapult or mighty ballista shots to kill. They are called “breeders” because every few seconds, they stop and spit out 3 greed to aid them with their assault. Breeders are slow and hard hitting, making you drop tons of coins with each hit. Attempting to run past them will cause your mount to rear back, leaving you vulnerable to being hit before you can run past. They can throw your catapult’s rocks back at you, which can do massive damage to a wall, knock a ton of coins out of your bag, and incapacitate any subjects it hits. When your subjects are incapacitated, they drop their tools on the ground and just lie there, being useless for a while. Breeders will also punch your walls when they get close to them, and can take down most low tier walls in a matter of seconds. Sometimes they spawn with the crownstealer riding them for double the trouble! The worst part about breeders is that they cannot be bribed, and will never head back to their portal. They want your crown, and they are willing to die trying to get it.

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