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Kingdom Two Crowns – Decay

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For every day that the monarch is not present on an island that has already been visited, that island will experience a day’s worth of decay. This means that the effects of decay become more severe as time passes, so it is recommended that monarchs return to previous islands occasionally to keep them from decaying too much. There are only two parts of your kingdom that are affected by decay: walls and archers (note: decay effects are untested on squires). Each wall and archer have a resistance to the effects of decay, preserving them for a number of days before they actually decay. A table of these “resistance days” can be found below. The other way that an island can be protected from decay is through the construction of a lighthouse. Each lighthouse upgrade provides extra “resistance days” to every wall and archer on the island (see Lighthouses under section III-I. Campaign Structures for more details). The interaction between decaying buildings/subjects is untested (does everything decay at once, or does one thing need to decay for the next to start counting down its resistance days?).

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Subject/Building / Resistance

Archer / 1 Day
Tier 1 Wall / 2 Days
Tier 2 Wall / 4 Day
Tier 3 Wall / 8 Days
Tier 4 Wall / 12 Days
Tier 5 Wall / 20 Days

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