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Kingdom Two Crowns – Enemies

Greed are the main enemy of the game. They are grumpy little thieves that, for some reason, are stillbent on noodling your stuff away. They will bully you and your subjects out of your money and livelihood. They steal any coins and tools they can find, and then run back to the closest portal for safety. Every night, multiple greed spawn from the closest portal to your kingdom on each side. If they reach a wall, they will attack it until the wall gives way. If they come across a subject, they will attack them, causing your subject to drop their tool and then, if hit again, lose their coin, turning back into a vagrant. Greed will also attack you, knocking 1 coin out of your bag at a time. If you are hit when you have no coins, they will knock a gem out of your bag. If you have no coins or gems, your crown will be knocked off, and you will have an opportunity to recover it before the greed can steal it. It only takes one hit with an arrow to kill a greed, and they will drop any carried items or coins upon death. Early-game strategies usually include dropping Coins for the small number of Greed that spawn on the first few nights, giving you and your Workers the ability to act with safety during the night. This tactic is widely known as “bribing”.

Armored Greed
Armored Greed are are distinguished by the masks they wear, and are just like any other greed that attacks walls and steals items. When Armored Greed get hit with enough arrows, their mask is destroyed, leaving them as vulnerable as any regular Greed. The amount of arrows it takes to knock off their mask depends on the mask they are wearing. Armored Greed can also be bribed.

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Floaters are the only flying enemies in the game, and thus can completely ignore walls. When they swoop down, they do an area-of-effect attack that damages nearby Walls, knocks coins out of your bag, and knocks the tools out of the hands of any nearby subjects. Then, they will grab up to 2 of your subjects and literally attempt to kidnap them. Archers in towers are typically targeted first, and are thus the most vulnerable. Floaters have a good amount of health, but one shot from a catapult or mighty ballista will usually kill them, and so long as it is killed before it flies all the way back to a portal, it will drop your stolen units and shrivel up into a ball of flesh.

(info from previous game, possibly outdated)
Breeders are one of the strongest enemies in the game, taking multiple Catapult or Mighty Ballista shots to kill. They are called “breeders” because every few seconds, they stop and spit out 3 Greed to aid them with their assault. Breeders are slow and hard hitting, making you drop tons of coins with each hit. Attempting to run past them will cause your mount to rear back, leaving you vulnerable to being hit before you can run past. They can throw your Catapult’s rocks back at you, which either does massive damage to a Wall, or knocks out any subjects it hits. If it hits you, you lose a ton of Coins. When your subjects get knocked out, they drop their tools on the ground and just lie there, being useless for a while. Breeders will also punch your Walls when they get close to them, and can take down most Walls in a matter of seconds. The worst part about Breeders is that they cannot be bribed, and will never head back to their Portal. They want your crown, and they are willing to die trying to get it. Sometimes they spawn with the crownstealer with them, double trouble!

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Very fast, they prioritise attacking the monarch rather than his/her subjects. They are the fastest greed and can jump over short walls to grab your crown.

Essentially the troll.

Cliff Portals
(info from previous game, possibly outdated)
The Cliff Portal, once opened, becomes the spawn-point of your enemies. It is not possible to destroy the Cliff Portal permanently. There is only one Cliff Portal per island, and it is located on one random side of the island, opposite to the dock. It’s huge, it always stays open, and has far more health than normal Portals. The Cliff Portal will start closed, and will open when all other Portals are destroyed, releasing a wave of doom as it opens. If you manage to destroy the Cliff Portal, it will fall apart just like any other Portal, but then slowly reconstruct itself over the course of the next three days. It will not spawn enemies during its reconstruction period.

(info from previous game, possibly outdated)
Portals are big, rocky gateways found in the forest, and, just like Cliff Portals, are the spawn-points of your enemies. Unlike Cliff Portals, Portals are usually closed during the day, but open at night to let out enemies. When they are closed, Portals can be safely passed by, but when open, they will spawn Greed to attack anything that goes near it. Portals will also open as soon as they are attacked. They can be permanently destroyed by ordering Knights to attack them, but they will put up a fight. Once destroyed, the sky will turn blood red and cries of anger will be heard. All your subjects will retreat as if it were night time. Your knights will eventually return to the Walls to guard. No songs will be sung, and it will be an eerily quiet rest of the day. Immediately after the day ends, it will be a Blood Moon, where you will get a wave sent at you from one of the remaining Portals. These Blood Moons caused by the destruction of a portal typically spawn a wave of enemies that is larger than that spawned during a normal Blood Moon. After destroying the last Portal, the Cliff Portal will open up, unleashing a massive wave of doom upon your kingdom.

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Dock Portals
Dock portals spawn on the dock of a new island, and must be defeated in order to build that island’s lighthouse. Dock portals may not look intimidating, and pose about as much of a threat as any other portal, but they have a massive amount of health, so be prepared to lay siege all night if you want to take it down. Upon its defeat, the next night will become a blood moon, as it would with any other portal, and that side of the island will officially be safe (unless your defenses in the opposite direction fall).

Cliff Portals
In this version of Kingdom, Cliff Portals can be destroyed.
To destroy a cliff portal, the bombs must be obtained from the iron-level workshop. 3 builders will push the bomb to the cliff portal and takes 5(?) gold to activate it. Upon detonation, they open up to the greed world, which the player can enter. You can (MUST) send knights to the cliff portal side to help you in destroying the portal. Inside the greed world, there are many greed spawners which will spawn 7 greed at one go. Once the bomb reaches the “heart” of the portal, you can detonate it and the screen will start flashing. If you cannot get out in time the monarch dies when the cave is blown up.

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