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Kingdom Two Crowns – Greed and Armored Greed


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Greed are the main enemy of the game. They are grumpy little thieves that, for some reason, are stillbent on noodling your stuff away. They will bully you and your subjects out of your money and livelihood. They steal any coins and tools they can find, and then run back to the closest portal for safety. Every night, multiple greed spawn from the closest portal to your kingdom on each side. If they reach a wall, they will attack it until the wall gives way. If they come across a subject, they will attack them, causing your subject to drop their tool and then, if hit again, lose their coin, turning back into a vagrant. Greed will also attack you, knocking 1 coin out of your bag at a time. If you are hit when you have no coins, they will knock a gem out of your bag. If you have no coins or gems, your crown will be knocked off, and you will have an opportunity to recover it before the greed can steal it. It only takes one hit with an arrow to kill a greed, and they will drop any carried items or coins upon death. Early-game strategies usually include dropping Coins for the small number of Greed that spawn on the first few nights, giving you and your Workers the ability to act with safety during the night. This tactic is widely known as “bribing”.

Armored Greed
Armored Greed are are distinguished by the masks they wear, and are just like any other greed that attacks walls and steals items. When Armored Greed get hit with enough arrows, their mask is destroyed, leaving them as vulnerable as any regular Greed. The amount of arrows it takes to knock off their mask depends on the mask they are wearing. Armored Greed can also be bribed.

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