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Kingdom Two Crowns – Hermits


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A hermit will spawn from their respective hermit shack, and can be carried with you for 1 coin. While carrying a hermit, they will enable you to upgrade a specific type and level of building into a new building with a totally different purpose. After buying a hermit’s upgrade, traveling past your outer Wall while enemies are present, carrying them for a full day, or switching mounts, you will drop the hermit and need to pay another coin to pick them up again. Each of the hermits can be brought with you through a teleporter if they are on your mount, and all currently alive hermits will be brought with you automatically on the boat when you leave an island. All of the hermits will try to stay behind your walls like other NPCs, but unlike other NPCs, they are unable to run, and do not attempt to steer clear of greed. This causes them to sometimes aimlessly wander outside your walls at night just enough to get attacked, which can be incredibly frustrating. So long as you have at least 2 walls on each side of your kingdom, this problem can be almost entirely avoided. When attacked, they will be picked up and carried away by greed like a tool or coin. Once kidnapped, that hermit will be unobtainable until you either destroy a cliff portal and escape safely or repurchase them after getting a game over.

Hermit of Tide
Island: 1
Cost: 3 Gems
Spawnpoint: Shack with archery equipment and a giant crossbow

The hermit of tide can upgrade tier 4+ towers into mighty ballistas, which are giant, powerful crossbow towers that are manned by builders.

Hermit of Stable
Island: 2
Cost: 1 Gems

The hermit of stable can upgrade tier 2 farms into stables, which will automatically store 2 unlocked mounts for easy access.

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Hermit of Baking
Island: 3
Cost: 4 Gems
Spawnpoint: Shack with nearby oven & bread on tables

The hermit of baking can upgrade tier 4+ towers into bakeries, which give the monarch the ability to purchase bread, which summons vagrants from faraway vagrant camps to walk to your bakery, making hiring peasants easier.

Hermit of Valor
Island: 4
Cost: 2 Gems

The hermit of valor can upgrade tier 4+ towers into armories, which provide an extra slot for purchasing a shield, thus allowing an extra knight to be hired in that direction.

Hermit of Horns
Island: (5)
Cost: ? Gems
Spawnpoint: Shack with giant horn

The hermit of horns can upgrade tier 4+ walls into rally walls, which can be paid 1 coin to rally all troops and knights to defend that side of the map temporarily. Knights normally assigned to defend the other side of the map can also be sent out to attack in the rallied direction during this time.

Hermit Buildings

Hermit buildings can be built with the assistance of specific hermits, and typically serve totally different purposes than what they are upgraded from.

The Stable
Hermit: Hermit of Stable
Upgraded from: Tier 2 Farms
Cost: 8 Coins
Usage: Mount Storage



Stables can hold up to 2 mounts, providing monarchs with an easy-access way to switch mounts. Once constructed, a stable will check if the current island has any valid mounts. In order for a mount to be valid, it must have been unlocked with gems and ridden at least once during the current reign. If any valid mounts are present on the island, then the mounts will walk over to the stable to be stored there. If there are not enough valid mounts to fill both spots, the stable will spawn a default horse to fill a spot, but only if the player is not riding a default horse. After this, if there are still available spots with no more valid mounts to fill them, the stable will pick two random valid mounts from other islands to spawn instead. This allows a monarch to theoretically store one of every type of mount on every island, but it would require them to build quite a lot of stables. Stables will never spawn a mount if it already exists on that island, including the default horse.

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Rally Walls
Hermit: Hermit of Horns
Upgraded from: Tier (4+ Walls?)
Cost: ? Coins
Usage: Rallying Troops
The hermit of horns can upgrade tier (4+ walls?) into rally walls, which can be paid (1?) coin to rally all archers, squires, and knights to defend that side of the map temporarily. Knights normally assigned to defend the other side of the map can also be sent out to attack in the rallied direction during this time.

The Mighty Ballista
Hermit: Hermit of Tide
Upgraded from: Tier 4+ Towers
Cost: ? Coins
Usage: Crowd Control & Heavy Damage
The mighty ballista is a powerful defensive weapon manned by a worker, and essentially has the same job as a catapult. It deals the same amount of damage as catapult, but also has a longer range, requires only 1 worker to operate, fires projectiles that breeders cannot throw back, and has the height advantage of an archer tower, meaning it fires directly at the clusters of enemies, hitting more enemies than a catapult on average. Unfortunately, the worker operating a mighty ballista is just as vulnerable to floaters as any other archer in a tower. Like catapults, the mighty ballista must be wound back by the worker before each time it can be fired, and is done so automatically after each shot.

The Armory
Hermit: Hermit of Valor
Upgraded from: Tier 4+ Towers
Cost: ? Coins
Usage: Extra Squires


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An armory simply provides an additional spot at which to purchase a shield, giving the monarch the ability to hire one extra squire for that side of the map. These squires function identically to those that would be purchased from the castle, and since upgrading the squires to knights and building more armories are always an option, this building provides a convenient way to rack up an insanely powerful army.

The Bakery
Hermit: Hermit of Baking
Upgraded from: Tier 4+ Towers
Cost: (15?) Coins
Usage: Easier Vagrant Hiring


Bakeries are the easiest way to hire new peasants. They can be paid 4 coins to bake a single loaf of bread, which will attract vagrants to the bakery, where they will eat the bread. A single bakery can hold up to (7?) loafs of bread at a time. The vagrants might get confused if there is more than one bakery. Because of how far away the vagrant camps tend to be from your kingdom on the 5th island, the hermit of baking is basically required if you plan on having a chance at completing the 5th island.

The exact details on how the bakery summons vagrants is still unconfirmed, so for now, here is how the bakery worked in the previous game:

The Bakery calls out to the nearest Vagrant (that is not already moving to the Bakery) every 20 seconds. Once a Vagrant arrives, they will eat a loaf of bread for 4 seconds, and then wait around for 90 seconds. Once this time is up, the Vagrant will head to the nearest Vagrant Camp with less than 2 Vagrants. However, if there is more bread at the Bakery, instead of waiting 90 seconds, the Vagrant will wait 20 seconds, and then eat another loaf of bread, which resets the 90 second timer. The more Vagrants you have waiting at the Bakery, the faster you will run out of bread.

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